Prince William tells fans Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis are ‘fine’

Prince William tells fans Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis are ‘fine’
Prince William tells fans Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis are ‘fine’

As Prince William surprised mourners waiting outside Westminster Hall to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday, a pressing question came to mind: How are the late Queen’s beloved corgis doing?

“I saw them the other day,” the newly anointed Prince of Wales, 40, said in response.

“They are well cared for. They are two very friendly corgis. They have a good home, they are taken care of very well.

Prince William spoke to a fan who asked how Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved corgis were holding up following the royal’s death.
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The woman looked rather relieved to hear that, offering her condolences to William before he continued on the line.

It is well known that Queen Elizabeth harbored a lifelong adoration for the dog breed.

When she passed away on September 8 at the age of 96, she left behind two of them: Muick and Sandy, as well as a cocker spaniel named Lissy. Another of her beloved puppies, an old dachshund and corgi mix named Candy, is said to have died just months before the queen died.

“I saw them the other day,” Prince William told the concerned well-wisher. “They have a good home, they are looked after very well.”

As Prince William hinted, Muick and Sandy have already moved in safely with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson – with whom he still cohabits – at their shared residence in Windsor. Meanwhile, Lissy is reportedly staying with her trainer, per E!.

As previously stated, it was 1933 when Queen Elizabeth II received her first corgi, Dookie. The dog was given to the then 7-year-old girl by her father, George VI.

Then, on the Queen’s 18th birthday in 1944, her parents gave her another corgi puppy, this one named Susan.

It has been reported that, of the more than 30 corgis Queen Elizabeth is believed to have owned in her lifetime, many were descendants of Susan. The line sadly ended in 2015, when her last living offspring, Willow, died aged 15.

Queen Elizabeth II also had an elderly corgi named Candy (pictured), who is believed to have died just months before her owner died.
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The Duke and Duchess of York brought Muick – along with another dog named Fergus who tragically succumbed to a congenital heart defect very soon after – into the Queen’s life in March 2021 to cheer her up. light of the declining health of her late husband, Prince Philip. The late Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 in April.

From there, Sandy traveled to Buckingham Palace on the Queen’s 95th birthday.

She seemed to have no problem adjusting to the royal lifestyle, easily forging her way into the monarch’s heart after the loss of her husband.

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