Charlotte could ‘break tradition’ at Queen’s funeral after Kate’s ‘softer’ style approach

Charlotte could ‘break tradition’ at Queen’s funeral after Kate’s ‘softer’ style approach
Charlotte could ‘break tradition’ at Queen’s funeral after Kate’s ‘softer’ style approach

At just seven years old, a funeral is likely to be a big experience for Princess Charlotte, and a fashion expert has explained how the young princess can deviate from traditional mourning attire for a “softer” approach. Speaking to, fashion coach Miranda Holder, known for her viral TikTok-style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder “Your Feel Good Fashion Coach”, said the young princess might not not wear an all-black outfit.

Miranda explained: “The Cambridge kids we expect and they will have to wear black. It is tradition.

“Kate has broken with tradition on many levels over the years and they are setting the trend for the more modern monarchy.

“So it will be interesting to see if they do full black or just references to and if Charlotte just has black accessories, maybe a headband or something.

“She could just wear a dark color and she could be slightly softer.”

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As is tradition at royal events, the skirt fell below the knee.

The style expert said: “Kate Middleton wore a black polka dot dress to Prince Philip’s funeral which was a way to make it slightly sweeter and almost meet her kids on their level.

“The polka dot print is very playful and fun, and it just took away the real austerity of the moment.

“However, given the gravity of this event, I’m not sure she’ll go for an impression this time around.

“It’s obviously a much bigger event for the whole world.

“I think she might take a darker tone out of respect.”

Prince George, slightly older than Charlotte at nine, is likely to be dressed more formally, according to Miranda.

She said: “I think we’ll see George in a black suit and tie.”

However, younger members of the royal family are unlikely to attend simply because of their age.

Miranda added: “The Sussexes, Archie and Lilibet, will probably be deemed too young.”

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