Russia may soon consider making concessions in return for a ceasefire, says foreign affairs analyst Yakovyna

Russia may soon consider making concessions in return for a ceasefire, says foreign affairs analyst Yakovyna
Russia may soon consider making concessions in return for a ceasefire, says foreign affairs analyst Yakovyna
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

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The following is an edited transcript of Yakovyna’s broadcast.

Russian independent media Meduza recently reported that members of the Russian Security Council have begun to suggest that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may need to investigate the terms on which Kyiv would agree to resume peace talks.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna has openly stated that Moscow is using all available channels to make overtures for further negotiations – something Ukraine remains reluctant to do, feeling it has taken the lead in the war. The Kremlin clearly measures the extent to which the Ukrainians are ready to discuss.

A series of defeats and the absence of normal political debate in Russia are spreading panic in the country. The Kremlin, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Rosgvardia (the Russian National Guard, usually used as riot police) are beginning to realize that their choice is between withdrawing and using nuclear weapons – something that would have truly unpredictable consequences. Russia no longer has the ability to turn the tide of war in its favor with conventional military means.

Ukraine’s position has largely crystallized: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has declared that any peace talks with Russia depend on a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all Ukrainian territories, including Donbass and Crimea.

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According to Meduza, Putin does not think the withdrawal from Donbass is on the table and categorically refuses even to hear about Crimea. This rigid position means he is ready for a major setback in the future.

Putin’s recent trip to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit may soon change his calculus. It appears that Russia has been unable to garner broader Chinese support for the war in Ukraine. Xi Jinping probably told Putin that the war should end as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile, Zelenskyy’s trip to the recently liberated Izyum in Kharkiv Oblast has become a major narrative victory for Ukraine – being seen as a rare national leader would travel to a town that remains well within range of artillery enemy, right next to an active war zone.

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The personal courage displayed by the President’s trip is evident to all – even Russians. This is not an event that even Kremlin propaganda can pass off. His cultured image in Russia as a weak comedian and clown was shattered.

The contrast with Putin’s behavior as a leader did not escape anyone. The Russian president is escorted by a detachment of bodyguards even during his visits to the toilets, and each visitor must endure a strict 10-day quarantine before meeting “the tsar”. No less than 12 doctors accompany Putin on each trip.

He gradually turns into a modern equivalent of (Soviet leader Leonid 1964-1982) Brezhnev, who embodied geriatric stagnation.

Russian experts are furious that the full arsenal of the Russian military was not used to wipe out Izyum when Zelensky was there. Nevertheless, it is obvious that they are jealous to some extent – ​​they would like to have a young and energetic leader, who would inspect the troops on the front lines and receive their victory reports.

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The current Russian leader, meanwhile, is a cowardly, sickly old man, losing battle after battle through sheer incompetence. He is entrenched in his bunker, clutching the “nuclear briefcase”, using gigantic tables to distance himself from his generals and ministers.

Therefore, Russian experts and patriotic society in general are in a crisis of confidence. They clearly don’t like what’s going on. They envy their enemy, barely refraining from saying publicly what they really think of Putin.

Here are some quotes from several prominent zealous Russian commentators:

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“Zelenskyy’s visit to Izyum once again underlined the excellent planning of the ‘special military operation’ and the exceptional skill of the Russian General Staff,” said notorious war criminal Igor “Strelkov” Girkin Russian and international terrorist.

Girkin is furious, dropping sarcastic remarks about Russian military commanders, and is clearly unhappy that Russia has pulled out of Izyum. He is particularly angry that Zelenskyy was not erased during the visit.

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“Rybar (another Russian military expert) is right to ask why there was no strike in Izyum,” wrote Russian political scientist Andrey Medvedev.

“It’s not like the United States doesn’t have anyone to replace him (Zelenskyy). Why didn’t we force them to make some substitutions? Might have made others think twice. We certainly have the ability to do that.

Medvedev suggests that the elimination of Zelensky and his collaborators was possible – what Russian commentators say should have been done.

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“I would like to add to what Rybar and Andrey Medvedev said: Zelensky’s visit to Izyum boosted the already high morale of the Ukrainian troops; credit where credit is due – these guys are not lacking in guts and know how to advertise,” Elder Edda wrote on the Russian Telegraph Channel.

“Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zelya (Zelenskyy) crawls around Izyum, posing with his valiant troops,” said Russian propagandist Alexander Zhuchkovskyi seething.

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“He came to see the Ukrainian flag raised over a city abandoned by the Russians. “Where the Russian flag rises, it never comes down” – maybe we shouldn’t keep repeating this mantra, to avoid more shame? The photos are positively brimming with the spirit of Ukrainian national liberation – after all, they expelled the Russians. They are very skilled in propaganda operations: even the fall of Mariupol did not get them out of the war… This latest success is the most important of this “special military operation”. Compare their propaganda to ours, it’s a major problem. This is what our leaders need to think about. Urgent action and drastic reform are our only remedies.

Zhuchkovskyi is going a bit too far – “drastic reform” is quite impossible without impeaching Putin. Borderline revolutionary rhetoric.

He touched on an interesting point: wins over morale and propaganda are more important than what happens on the battlefield. The ability to present defeats as triumphs seems essential.

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Essentially, the idea is to break Ukraine’s morale with propaganda and narrative warfare, while instilling confidence and resolve in Russian troops. The modern Russian regime as a whole relies heavily on broadcast propaganda, recently branching out on social media like all those Telegram channels.

Perception trumps reality in Russia. That’s why all these pundits are ranting about the fact that Ukraine is much more successful on this front. World public opinion overwhelmingly favors Ukraine in this war. Meanwhile, Moscow’s attempts to disguise its setbacks as resounding victories often backfire as clumsy and hollow.

I think we can expect the Russian attitude to change dramatically in the near future. Perhaps Putin will actively seek peace negotiations. It could even be open to certain concessions. It remains to be seen how Ukraine would react.

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. Russia may soon consider make of concessions exchange of a ceasefire according to analyst of foreign affairs Yakovyna

. Russia making concessions return ceasefire foreign affairs analyst Yakovyna

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