Ukrainian POW castrated by Russians in ‘sickening’ video

‘Sickening evil’ video footage shows a bound and gagged Ukrainian POW being castrated by Russian soldiers – before being shot and dragged down the street with a rope.

Barbarian images —

by a Ukrainian politician and journalist — allegedly directed by Vitaly Aroshanov kicking the distressed soldier in the head as he is laid by ropes on the ground.

With his mouth gagged, the tortured prisoner moans in despair as the soldiers rip his pants to expose his buttocks.

As he squirms and moans, they use a box cutter to cut off his genitals, eventually severing him and throwing him to the ground nearby.

“After the torture, he was shot and his body was dragged through the streets with a rope,” the war-reporting site Ukraine Watch said on Friday.

he refused to share “for ethical reasons”.

The torture first appeared on several Russian Telegram channels on Thursday as a sick warning to Ukrainian mothers not to send their sons to war, the Kyiv Post said. The soldiers speak in Russian and stand near a car with the capital letter Z, the symbol used for Kremlin troops.

Vitaly Aroshanov is accused of leading troops who castrated and tortured a Ukrainian captive.
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Footage shows Russian soldiers allegedly castrating and beating a Ukrainian soldier before shooting him dead.
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Other posts included photos of the body of a Ukrainian soldier with his hands severed and his head stuck on a fence, according to the newspaper.

Mikhailo Podolyak, a journalist, negotiator and adviser to the Ukrainian president, was among local officials who confirmed the authenticity of the video on Friday,

invading “executioners”.

He said “the world must realize” that Russia is “a

who love torture and murder.

Russian soldiers used a box cutter to slice off the genitals of a Ukrainian prisoner.
Vitaly Aroshanov, 39 This is the Russian soldier accused of having castrated a Ukrainian captive.
Ukraine has pledged to hunt down Russian soldiers who allegedly castrated a Ukrainian prisoner of war.
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Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun was also among those who shared part of the torture video. “Russia must pay for this. … The world can’t pretend this isn’t happening,” she wrote.

She later

for taking him down because he was “too cruel”.

“But that’s what’s happening. And deleting the video won’t change that. People should know what Russia is doing! she was seething.

Russian soldiers rip off the Ukrainian's uniform.
Russian soldiers rip off the Ukrainian’s uniform.

Paul Massaro, Senior Policy Adviser for the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, said the should be a message to the world to “help Ukraine end it”.

“The barbarity and depravity of the Russian invaders is appalling. Castration, murder, rape, murder of children, leveling of cities. Pure evil “,

John Spencer, the US Army veteran who chairs urban warfare studies in Washington, DC, also implored world leaders to act.

Vitaly Aroshanov, 39 This is the Russian soldier accused of having castrated a Ukrainian captive.
Russian soldier Vitaly Aroshanov fires a machine gun.
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“I just watched the video showing Russian soldiers cutting off the genitals of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

WTF are we waiting to stop this evil? he wrote.

It is unclear when or where the footage was recorded, but some of the Russian soldiers appeared to be the same as those who appeared in other propaganda videos released by the Kremlin-backed news outlet RT.

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