Ridge dumps Taylor for Brooke over CPS lie

Ridge dumps Taylor for Brooke over CPS lie
Ridge dumps Taylor for Brooke over CPS lie

Instead of uniting a bride and a groom, Taylor and Ridge’s marriage will tear an entire family apart.

What Love glory and beauty has in store for the week of Nov. 28 promises to change the dynamic of the Forresters so much that it just might — swallow — blow up the nuclear family. As Ridge and Taylor’s nuptials begin, Steffy’s heart is in her chest. She hopes against hope that Thomas will intervene and confess that he called the CPS who inspired him to make Brooke stupid. Failing that, Steffy relies on her mother to do the right thing.

This does not happen, according to Soap Opera Digest. So when the ceremony reaches the point where Carter asks if anyone knows a reason why the couple shouldn’t get married, Steffy has to come forward. “Ridge told everyone that all he wanted was someone who wouldn’t lie to him,” Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) recalls to the magazine. And by withholding the truth, Taylor is doing just that.

As for Thomas… cowabunga! Ridge’s head is sent spinning by the magnitude of his son’s betrayal. “His phone call,” marvels Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), “is the thing that changed everything.”

In the aftermath, we can’t imagine how Ridge will ever be in the same room as Thomas. And Ridge’s opinion of Taylor must also have been irreparably altered. Waiting for the fireworks enjoy what may soon be all that’s left of “Tridge”: the photo album below of their entire romance.


. Bold Gorgeous Ridge give up Taylor for Brooke about lie CPS

. Ridge dumps Taylor Brooke CPS lie

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