Warsaw family devastated after New Year’s Eve fire destroyed their home

Warsaw family devastated after New Year’s Eve fire destroyed their home
Warsaw family devastated after New Year’s Eve fire destroyed their home

WARSAW, Ill. (WGEM) – New Year’s Day is usually filled with hope and excitement. For the Tadlock family, 2023 is now filled with the unknown.

The family lost their home on New Year’s Eve to a fire, where first responders from Hamilton, Warsaw and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched at 6:38 p.m.

Carl Tadlock said he, his wife and daughter had lived at the Rue Le Claire residence in 1997 for about five years.

They lost everything from birth certificates to baby photos.

In addition, the two family cats did not survive the fire.

“We’re just trying to keep a cool head, trying to get over it and right now we’re missing our two cats and it’s just hard,” said Carl Tadlock.

The Tadlocks were celebrating New Years away from home when they received a phone call that turned their world upside down.

“I got a phone call from my mother-in-law saying your house was on fire, and I took the phone from my husband, then we rushed into our van and tried to hurry up and get home home,” Ashlea Tadlock said. .

On Sunday evening, the family returned to the property they used to call home to see if anything in the rubble was salvageable.

The smell of smoke was still present and smoke was still coming from some parts of the pile.

Currently, the Tadlocks are staying at relatives’ homes across the tri-state.

“Last night we stayed at my sister’s house, but tonight [Sunday] I’m not sure, I could be at my wife’s grandmother’s house, we’re bouncing from house to house,” said Carl Tadlock.

The family only has what they wore on Saturday night.

Donations are stuffed into the back of their car.

There is a designated donation drop-off site at 826 N. 13th Street in Keokuk or you can call 319-795-0310 if you wish to donate.

The cause of the fire is so far unknown.

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. A family Warsaw devastated after fire New destroyed house

. Warsaw family devastated Years Eve fire destroyed home

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