Teenagers wielding machetes try to break into Sydney home as owners look on

It’s a scary sight for any owner.

New Year’s Day at 3:30 a.m. and a hooded and masked intruder silences his henchmen as they attempt to break in through the front door.

The family inside are awakened by the house’s motion sensors, allowing them to watch on CCTV as the trio try each door before focusing on the dog’s hatch.

Only then do the locals realize that one of the would-be thieves is armed with a machete.

A family in Sydney were left terrified as hooded men attempted to break into their home. (Nine)

“We got our whole family together in an upstairs room and barricaded ourselves in the only room, hoping they would fail,” the man said. sydney father who lives there.

He is too scared to show his face after his home was targeted for the third time in six months.

The father says his mind flashed on the alleged murder of a Brisbane mother last month as he waited an agonizing eight minutes for help to arrive.

“You immediately think well what the consequences would be if they went inside.” he said.

Even heightened security was not a deterrent at the home on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

On this occasion, the gang was scared off by the police and fled.

The group attempted to enter through several doors as the family hid inside. (Nine)

A 16-year-old was later arrested and a chase for the getaway car had to be dropped for safety reasons.

Similar scenes are happening daily across the city, with teenagers seduced by high-performance cars and posting their illegal rides on social media site TikTok.

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“One has to wonder if there is a flaw in the justice system in the way it deals with young offenders?” said the father.

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. teenagers armed machetes try to enter in house Sydney under the eyes of the owners

. Teenagers wielding machetes break Sydney home owners

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