New IRA urged to end its armed campaign

New IRA urged to end its armed campaign
New IRA urged to end its armed campaign

The New IRA has been told to end its armed campaign after signaling plans to continue attacks in 2023.

In a New Year’s statement, the radical group suggested it will “use every means at its disposal” to end British rule.

The threat comes after the group deployed an improvised explosive device at a passing PSNI car in Strabane, County Tyrone, in November.

In a statement released on social media over the weekend, the organization said it intended to continue its campaign.

“As we enter 2023, Ireland remains under occupation and our national sovereignty is denied by a foreign government,” he said.

“The Irish Republican Army will use every means at its disposal to break this slavery. The Irish Republican Army volunteers and its leadership are determined to carry out this action.”

SDLP MP and Police Council member Mark H Durkan said that “as the case and appetite for a new Ireland grows, groups like this must be challenged to counter- productivity of their approach”.

“We need to hear their voice but there is no room for their violence,” he added.

“Time and time again, people here have rejected violence. We have seen its futility.”

Mr Durkan urged the New IRA to end its campaign adding that it “does not seem to have gotten the message and ironically continues to torment our people causing danger and disruption.

“They also caused the death and showed no remorse,” he said.

“How did these actions bring us closer to their ‘ultimate goal’? I implore this organization to stop its campaign of violence and work with the rest of us to create a new, just, prosperous and peaceful Ireland.”

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