Whitmer calls condemnation of kidnapping plotters ‘fair’, urges against violent rhetoric

Whitmer calls condemnation of kidnapping plotters ‘fair’, urges against violent rhetoric
Whitmer calls condemnation of kidnapping plotters ‘fair’, urges against violent rhetoric

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), who was the target of a 2020 kidnapping plot that was thwarted by law enforcement, said prison terms for two of the plan’s leaders were “fair” and called on both sides to tame violent threats. and hateful rhetoric.

Whitmer, who was recently elected to a second term as governor of Michigan, told CNN on the day of her inauguration that political violence on either side of the aisle was “unacceptable.”

“Whether it’s someone harassing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh or Congressman Fred Upton here in Michigan, or me, or our attorney general, or the secretary of state, that’s unacceptable,” Whitmer told CNN. “But I think it’s important that people on both sides of the aisle, who care more about our democracy than their political agenda, stand up and embrace it.”

Two of the ringleaders in the plot to kidnap and kill Whitmer were sentenced last week to 19 and 16 years in prison, respectively. Thirteen people have been charged with conspiracy.

Whitmer in the CNN interview also reiterated that she became angered by the coverage of the plot to kidnap and kill her. She pointed out that the group planned to “assassinate me”, but pointed out that the plan had been covered up “as a kidnapping plot”.

She contrasted that with the man who was arrested near Kavanaugh’s home and charged by the Justice Department with attempting or threatening to kidnap or assassinate a Supreme Court justice.

“There was a person who showed up, you know, on a Supreme Court justice’s lawn and turned himself in, and it was covered up as an assassination attempt,” Whitmer said. “And so I think when you look at the facts of those two things, and you see how differently they’re covered, I’m, you know, concerned about the language that we’re using, especially when women are a target as opposed to men.”

Whitmer admitted she wasn’t “unfazed” by the assassination plot and said she wasn’t sure she could secure a second and final term as Michigan governor.

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But Whitmer defeated his Republican opponent, Tudor Dixon, handily in November, winning 55% of the vote. Democrats in his state also took control of the legislature. Whitmer, who will now face a term limit as governor, did not speculate what she would do after her term ends.

“I have no intention of running for anything other than to spend the next four years serving this state,” Whitmer said.

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. whitmer call condemnation of plotters kidnapping just urge against rhetoric violent

. Whitmer calls condemnation kidnapping plotters fair urges violent rhetoric

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