Jail for drunk man who threatened to stab friend at their Cork home

Jail for drunk man who threatened to stab friend at their Cork home
Jail for drunk man who threatened to stab friend at their Cork home

An intoxicated man staying with a friend in Douglas threatened to stab him, but the victim talked him out of it, saying, “You wouldn’t stab a friend.”

William Condon pleaded guilty to uttering the death threat, but said of himself that he was a good person at heart, who needed to “fix” his drinking problem.

Garda Detective John O’Donovan testified in Cork Circuit Criminal Court about the death threat made by William Condon and the theft of a passport from his friend’s house.

Condon had no home at the time and was staying with a friend in Douglas on the night of February 2.

However, there was an altercation and Condon threatened his friend to stab him.

The friend managed to defuse the situation and calm him down. The young man told Condon, “You wouldn’t stab a friend. However, things started up again later and Condon challenged his friend to come out and fight him. Again the friend managed to defuse the situation, Garda O’Donovan told Cork District Court.

The next morning, as Condon was leaving the house, he stole the passport belonging to his friend’s brother.

When Condon was questioned by gardaí about the threat to kill, he said, “I’m sorry for what I told him. I was wrong in every way. He’s my childhood friend. I am sorry. There is no one to blame except myself. Drink is a big part of my problem. That’s what I need to fix. I know that I am a good person at heart. It’s the drink that changes me. I want to solve this problem and be a better man.

Judge Dara Hayes said that in all circumstances he would impose an 18-month sentence including 12 months suspended on the condition that he be placed in the custody of the probation service, particularly in relation to the treatment of alcoholism .

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