Gun drawn, man arrested in fight at Chicopee football game

Gun drawn, man arrested in fight at Chicopee football game
Gun drawn, man arrested in fight at Chicopee football game

CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — During the Chicopee Comp-Chicopee High football game, a fight between two men in the stands resulted in the removal of a gun.

There were some scary moments for fans in the stands at a local football game on Thursday. Chicopee Police Officer Travis Odiorne told Western Mass News a man is in custody after an argument between two men turned violent when police said a man was allegedly hit with a gun during a fight.

“There was a physical altercation between two men during the match. During the altercation, one of the men allegedly pulled a gun from his belt and punched the other person in the face with it,” Odiorne said.

Western Mass News spoke with an eyewitness to the fight who wished to remain anonymous. She described officers rushing to the scene to make an arrest.

“As we were leaving we saw a group of cops heading towards this group of people and we didn’t know what was going on and then my friend turned around and said ‘Oh there was a fight’ … All of a sudden we saw a girl crying on the phone and yelling ‘Oh, he got hit in the head with a gun,’” the witness explained.

This incident came after two teenagers were charged with assaulting a 12-year-old child at a Chicopee Comp. football match in October. We asked Odiorne whether these two events could lead to more safety at football games, but he said that was ultimately the school’s decision.

“They usually hire two officers per game. That’s usually how it goes. We cannot dictate to them how many officers should be hired per game. It’s a decision that the school department makes,” Odiorne noted.

Chicopee police said no shots were fired during the fight. Odiorne added that police still have not discovered the reason the two men were arguing and that the incident is being investigated.

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