Crown seeks 8-year sentence in Castlegar teenager’s stabbing case

Crown seeks 8-year sentence in Castlegar teenager’s stabbing case
Crown seeks 8-year sentence in Castlegar teenager’s stabbing case

The Crown attorney has asked for a six-to-eight-year sentence for the woman who entered a Castlegar home and stabbed two teenagers who were sleeping on sofas inside.

Sasha Prokaski, 29, entered a house where the two teenagers were staying in the early morning hours of February 21, 2021. An altercation ensued, with the two teenagers stabbed and one of the two received several blows of serious knife. Prokaski and the victims, who are protected by a publication ban, did not know each other.

Prokaski was initially charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of uttering threats and one count of breaking and entering, but in May he pleaded guilty to two lesser counts, including assault. aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

A sentencing hearing for Prokaski took place in Castlegar Provincial Court on November 23. Prokaski is currently in custody and appeared by video, as has his attorney, Blair Suffredine.

The two victims and a dozen friends and family members attended the hearing in person.

The victim impact statements were read by one of the victims, her mother and her grandmother. Crown attorney Rebecca Smyth read statements from the other victim and her father.

During the proceedings, Smyth related the events of the night the crime took place.

Prokaski began showing signs of aggression at The Way Out Shelter, where she was staying at the time. Shelter workers overheard Prokaski making statements about the end of the world, that she was going to die, and that she was behaving in an agitated manner. Prokaski then attempted to gain access to the knives in the shelter.

The shelter workers asked her if she would agree to go to the hospital and when she agreed, they called an ambulance. But Prokaski left the shelter before the ambulance arrived and began knocking on the doors of a nearby seniors’ building.

After no one answered the doors, Prokaski then moved down the block to a set of townhouses. She found an unlocked door at the house where the two victims were sleeping on sofas in the living room.

Once inside, Prokaski started complaining that people knew too much, that she had to kill herself and that teenagers had to kill themselves.

Prokaski then stabbed one of the victims in the chest, but the knife hit the underwire of the victim’s bra instead of the flesh and the victim was able to escape the house and fetch food. ‘assistance.

The second victim was also able to get out of the house, but Prokaski knocked her down and climbed on top of her. She held the knife above her head with both hands as she said, “Die, die, die.”

The victim fought back, but was stabbed in the neck, face and hands before kicking Prokaski. At some point in the altercation, she was also stabbed in the shoulder, forearm and near her ninth rib.

The victim found a small opening in a fence surrounding the property and began to squeeze through, but Prokaski stabbed her repeatedly in the leg as she tried to escape.

Paramedics arrived at the scene a short time later and found the victim sitting in a visible pool of blood. They took her to the hospital.

The second victim’s injuries were extensive, requiring numerous stitches and a leg injury requiring surgery. One of the stab wounds to the leg severed a nerve, leaving the victim with a permanent disability.

Police found Prokaski in Kinsmen Park, about a block from where the attack took place, with the knife and clothing hidden under a nearby tree.

After Prokaski was arrested, she was sent to hospital for treatment and once stabilized, she was sent to a rehabilitation center.

Since her arrest, Prokaski has been arrested for violating her bail conditions three times. Twice, she left her care center, contrary to the conditions.

The most recent offense occurred the day after she pleaded guilty to the assault charges. In this case, Prokaski was in breach of the requirement to stay at least 25 kilometers outside of Castlegar and attempted to disable his surveillance device.

The repeated breaches of the conditions, along with what Smyth alleged was “a lack of commitment to treatment” and the random and violent nature of the offense were the main reasons given by Crown counsel for the duration of the suggested sentence.

The defense had a much different sentence in mind. Suffredine asked for two years, including time served, and three years probation.

Prokaski has already spent 216 days in detention.

Judge Robert Brown is expected to hand down the sentencing decision on December 13.

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