Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson recounts the life of an NFL coach – on and off the field – in his new memoir.

Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson recounts the life of an NFL coach – on and off the field – in his new memoir.
Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson recounts the life of an NFL coach – on and off the field – in his new memoir.

Johnson’s memoir meticulously deconstructs his winning philosophy, the necessary attitude that gave him his name, and also explains the challenges of a coach tasked with succeeding Howard Schnellenberger in Miami, Tom Landry in Dallas and Don Shula in his final post. of coach. with the Dolphins. As an esteemed talent evaluator, Johnson indexes the five traits he looks for in a player:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Work hard
  3. Game leader
  4. Gym rat / likes to compete
  5. Character

Johnson says a football coach’s job is to unlock players’ potential as a kind of Wizard of Oz grill, cultivating attributes he’s sure knows are there.

Of course, Johnson also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at a coaching career tied to multiple assumptions, despite all his successes. He offers interesting memories of two big losses to Penn State and Notre Dame during his tenure at the University of Miami. He provides his side of the story in a well-documented relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones – a chapter perhaps coincidentally marked with the memoir photo flyer, and one that features his detailed exit from Dallas after winning trophies. Consecutive Super Bowls. . And he reveals how, in the twilight of his coaching career with the Dolphins, he tried to do everything he could to trade and draft Peyton Manning at the request of Archie Manning.

For Johnson, writing a narrative turned out to be an overall enjoyable experience, an account of his coaching career. But the sacrifices he’s made along the way have had a big effect on Johnson, a subject who invokes a different tone than the normally beaming coach.

“Then we got into the struggles and the sacrifices,” Johnson said. “The struggles with my own family and being away from my family the whole time I was trying to win a championship. The sacrifices they made. So in a way, it was an apology to my two sons (Brent and Chad) that I wasn’t there for them.”

Johnson recently said as much during his speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022, but the subject is much deeper than the Canton, Ohio ones heard so far. Her youngest son, Chad, battled alcoholism in 2009, and the story of his recovery is one of the longest and most in-depth chapters in the memoir. Johnson paints a chilling story that not only includes the trials and tribulations of Chad’s recovery, but how he wondered if it was the result of his coaching career taking precedence over his family. It most certainly was, according to Jimmy himself.


. Hall Famer Jimmy Johnson tells life dun coach NFL on outside field in his new memories

. Hall Famer Jimmy Johnson recounts life NFL coach field memoir

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