Man jailed after threatening to stab police and dog with screwdriver in Northampton

Man jailed after threatening to stab police and dog with screwdriver in Northampton
Man jailed after threatening to stab police and dog with screwdriver in Northampton

A Northampton man has been jailed after threatening to stab police officers and a dog with a screwdriver.

Mark Beasley, 36, of Arbor Court, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Wednesday November 23 after pleading guilty to engaging in threatening behaviour.

Police were called to Beasley’s address on September 24 after a neighbor reported a group of around 12 men trying to knock on the front door of his home.

Mark Beasley, 36, was sentenced at Northampton Crown Court on Wednesday November 23.

Henry James, prosecuting, said officers tried to speak with the defendant but he was aggressive and abusive towards them as he armed himself with a screwdriver and a glass bottle.

The court heard Beasley shouted obscenities at them and threatened to stab them and the police dog at the scene, saying “I’ll open you up like a tin of sardines.”

Mr James said the altercation lasted an hour, tying up at least eight police officers and a negotiator to co-operate before his arrest.

By committing the offence, Beasley breached a suspended sentence issued earlier this year after he participated in a racist gang attack on a family of two parents and their two sons, the court heard.

Mr James, describing the attack, said the family was accosted by three men shouting racial slurs. They then went to a nearby pub to “round up troops” – including Beasley – and the family was later assaulted.

The court heard that Beasley had been identified in video footage which showed him punching one of the boys, aged 15.

Beasley claimed he walked out of the pub to have a cigarette and tried to help the family. He declined to name the others involved for fear of repercussions, the court heard.

Beasley has previous convictions for fighting, disorder and violence, assault, criminal damage, harassment and possession of a knife in a public place, dishonesty offenses, racially aggravated offenses, threatening words and behavior and malicious communication.

Daniel Green, by way of mitigation, said that before police arrived at his address when this latest offense took place, Beasley had been the victim of a mob attack where he suffered a dislocated knee.

The defense attorney said that was why Beasley was armed and in an agitated state. He added that the accused is often followed home, which causes him distress.

Mr Green said: “When you look at what happened, his behavior is unacceptable and he pleaded guilty to that, but it’s triggered by something beyond his control.”

The court heard Beasley had used crack cocaine for 20 years of his life, but had been sober for two years and a custodial sentence would negatively impact his sobriety.

During sentencing, Recorder Skinner said: “Instead of being grateful to the officers who came to your address to protect and help you, you were aggressive towards them.”

Beasley was sentenced to four weeks in prison for threatening behavior and his suspended 19-month prison sentence was also activated, so he will spend a total of 20 months in custody.


. man imprisoned after having threatened stabbing police dog with screwdriver Northampton

. Man jailed threatening stab police dog screwdriver Northampton

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