Xiaomi 13’s big price hike over Xiaomi 12 causes leak to back up rationale

Xiaomi 13’s big price hike over Xiaomi 12 causes leak to back up rationale
Xiaomi 13’s big price hike over Xiaomi 12 causes leak to back up rationale
The Xiaomi 13 line is expected to bear much higher prices than the Xiaomi 12 line. (Image source: @OnLeaks/Unsplash – edited)

Reports from China suggest that Xiaomi will implement a considerable price hike for the upcoming Xiaomi 13 series over the previous generation Xiaomi 12 devices. However, a noted backer has offered some justification for the hefty Xiaomi 13 price tags, with both upgraded components and volatile exchange rates playing their part.

It has been reported that the Xiaomi 13 series could be slapped with prices 15% to 20% higher than the Xiaomi 12 series smartphones. While the standard Xiaomi 12 was released in China at a price of 3,699 yuan (currently around 517 USD), the base model of the Xiaomi 13 line could cost around 4,500 yuan (629 USD) according to a Chinese-language outlet. .

A 15% price hike for the Xiaomi 13 would put it at 4,253 yuan while 20% would let the flagship smartphone sell for 4,438 yuan, so the estimated figure above is an even higher price hike of 21, 65%. Such an increase over a period of one year is enough to send any smartphone fan to their nearest social networking site to complain about how Xiaomi had deserted its customers of yesteryear, who benefited from reasonably well-configured devices at extraordinarily competitive prices.

However, Digital Chat Station has already nipped some of this potential complaint in the bud by not only reminding subscribers of the unfavorable exchange rates, but also the fact that the MIUI 14-powered Xiaomi 13 series will feature much beefier phones. that the Xiaomi 12 range, with the Xiaomi 13 Pro would arrive with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and Leica telephoto lenses. But that won’t stop Xiaomi from getting reminders that Apple launched the iPhone 13 at a starting price of US$799 and then launched the iPhone 14 the following year with the same price.

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