Hudson fire chief talks about headquarters renovation

Hudson fire chief talks about headquarters renovation
Hudson fire chief talks about headquarters renovation
The current HVAC system at headquarters. (Photo/Caroline Gordon)

HUDSON – A roof replacement and a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are among the proposed repairs to the Hudson Fire Department Headquarters.

Two articles on the November town meeting mandate call for improvements to the head office, which is located on Cox Street.

“At some point, I will retire from the fire service. I just want to leave it better than when I found it,” Fire Chief Bryan Johannes said at a Sept. 26 board meeting.

Proposed repairs to the fire station

The headquarters was built in 2004.

One of the proposed repairs to headquarters would replace the deteriorated roof over the apparatus bay. According to Johannes, the current roof, which is made of composite shingles, is not able to keep out the rain. Additionally, the cracked device floor would be repaired and the door operators would be replaced as Johannes said they had “fallen into a state of disrepair” and “never seal properly”.

Additionally, window trim would be fitted to the roof windows, which were not added during the construction of the building.

The interior of the fire headquarters would receive a “complete painting of all surfaces,” Johannes said.

Additionally, a new HVAC system would be installed as the current system is charged with R-22, which is a prohibited refrigerant.

“Our units have been exposed to the elements and over time they have deteriorated to the point of needing replacement,” Johannes said.

The Hudson Fire Department hired Colliers to conduct a feasibility study of the seat, but Johannes said the seat needs “further” architectural study.

“We want to make sure that the overall integrity of the building envelope will support any significant improvements that occur,” he said.

Articles of the municipal assembly

On the Municipal Assembly’s mandate, Section 12 directs the City to transfer $1,202.42 from the Fire Hall #1 Repair Account to the Fire Hall Feasibility Study.

In addition, item 14 is a request to borrow approximately $1,122,000 for renovations and repairs to the fire headquarters and to authorize the treasurer, with the approval of the select committee, to issue bonds or tickets needed for renovations and repairs. This article requires a two-thirds vote at the municipal assembly.

The municipal assembly is scheduled for November 21.


Hudson Fire Chief Offers Repairs to Headquarters and Fire Station

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. Hudson fire chief talks headquarters renovation

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