Cisgender woman harassed in bathroom by stranger who thought she was a ‘trans kid’

Cisgender woman harassed in bathroom by stranger who thought she was a ‘trans kid’
Cisgender woman harassed in bathroom by stranger who thought she was a ‘trans kid’

A TikTok creator has been inundated with support after she was horribly bullied in a public toilet by a stranger who thought she was trans.

Jay Rose, from Las Vegas, stopped by a local casino to use their bathroom when the woman approached her and cheekily asked, “Are you male or female?”

Jay said she decided to record the encounter before she even left the bathroom stall because she could hear the stranger ‘ranting and raving about trans people and trans identities’ and ‘knew’ she was speaking. of her because she wears her hair in a fashionable cut.

In the video, the TikToker can be heard responding to its attacker’s question, “Why does this matter?”

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The woman then continues, “Well, because you’re in the ladies’ room, and I’ve been called several times to be in the men’s room, and you’re going to be called for anything you do. So, what do you identify with today? »

“I don’t think that’s your business,” Jay replies calmly.

The stranger, who is getting more and more agitated, then says: “Okay, you’re in the toilets where I think I have to identify you. She then asks, “How old are you?”

You can watch the incident here (the confrontation between the two begins at minute 27 seconds):


Being harassed for using the bathroom and trying to tell me the police would catch me for PEEING was definitely not on my to-do list today lgbt nonbinary trans bathroom karen storytime # karensgonewild

When Jay continues to deflect her questions, the woman threatens to involve the police to see if she can “understand.”

His tirade then turns into a bizarre monologue about identity and how Jay should “find out [her] identity in [her] bedroom”.

At this point, the TikToker begins to come out of the bathroom saying, “Let’s go get security, I feel harassed.”

She then seems to speak to a member of security who replies: “What is going on?”

The answer to that question was clear to the more than 3.4 million viewers of Jay’s clip, with thousands of fellow TikTokers flooding his page with empathy and admiration.

“No one tried to help you???? I’m so sorry,” one wrote.

” It’s terrifying. I can’t believe you handled it so well,” a second commented.

Meanwhile, a third user, who describes herself as a “trans icon”, said: “A day in the life. I’m so sorry you had to go through that honey. It’s everyday for most of us.

In a series of follow-up videos, Jay offered more details and updates to his followers.

In one, she explained that the most upsetting part of the whole ordeal was that no onlookers stepped in to defend her: “Everyone was watching,” she said. “[The woman] I thought I was a kid, a trans kid and was literally attacking me and no one said “boo”.

The TikToker continued: “And to people asking why I didn’t tell him what my identity was: it doesn’t matter if I’m trans or not, I literally went there to go to the bathroom to take a pee.

“So the fact that she followed me into the bathroom, thinking I was a trans kid, to harass and bully me out of the cabin is unacceptable.”

In another clip, Jay explained that she filed a complaint with the casino where the incident happened, but was later told they would not be investigating further.

“They say she was extremely drunk and was sent home for the day but was allowed to come back sober the next day because people make mistakes,” she said.

“I find it kind of funny,” she continued, “Because they claim she was drunk, I personally didn’t smell any alcohol on her.”

Jay said she was “really disappointed” with the way the casino handled the situation because “even though I wasn’t a trans kid, she thought I was and she attacked me for that”.

She went on to say that she had read comments from her viewers and found it “so sad how many people will literally avoid going to the bathroom”.

“We’re going to hold it back to avoid things like that,” she quoted. “Living in fear of literally using the toilet.”

In another follow-up clip, Jay’s boyfriend angrily chimed in to make the following point: “Everyone should be able to use the fucking bathroom, no matter what you look like or how you identify yourself.”

Indy100 has contacted Rampart Casino, Las Vegas, for comment.

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. A woman cisgender harassed in room bath by unknown who thought which was a child trans

. Cisgender woman harassed bathroom stranger thought trans kid

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