If you fear death, this will comfort you.

If you fear death, this will comfort you.
If you fear death, this will comfort you.

Death doesn’t have to be so scary, according to Hospice Nurse Julie – a TikTok star with more than 1.1million followers.

Yes, the “HospiceTok” videos have racked up over 600 million views on the platform – and many of them belong to real-life nurse Julie McFadden.

The 39-year-old healthcare worker has witnessed the death of many patients throughout her career – so she knows a thing or two about death.

Now the Los Angeles resident has revealed a “comforting” fact about the death that many people don’t quite understand. She claims it can even help alleviate the fear of going “towards the white light” in an instant.

She explained in a now-viral clip that the comforting concept is called “visioning” – which happens right before you die, when people are often completely lucid.

They see dead friends, family, and even pets before crossing over.

“It mostly happens at the end of their life – but they’re not delusional,” she told South West News Service. “It’s called ‘visioning’ and it’s often very comforting to the person. It helps many grieving parents feel better about the dying process. It’s never scary – if they’re scared, they’re likely suffering from delirium or paranoia, not vision.

The Los Angeles native often posts her experiences in hospice care on TikTok.
Julie McFadden / SWNS

McFadden added: “People don’t talk about it much, but it’s very common and more than half the people I’ve cared for have experienced it.”

The nurse acknowledged that it’s “normal to be afraid of death and I’ve had several patients express their fear, but then a family member came to them and they weren’t afraid anymore. ”, said the influencer.

She also noted in her video how the “vision” usually happens around a month before a person dies.

Meanwhile, when someone is having the experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are in psychosis or lack of oxygen. They are in fact fully aware of their surroundings.

“A lot of times people who’ve been through this will say ‘I know this sounds crazy’ – they’re very aware of what’s going on,” she said.

McFadden viewers took to TikTok to share their own encounters with the “vision” via loved ones and confirmed how heartwarming it was.

“I have no fear of death since I started seeing your videos,” one user commented.

A commenter added: “My father saw his siblings, my mother saw her sister and heard my father, my grandmother saw her son who preceded her in death. That’s nice to look at. »

“My father saw his mother a few hours before he died. He reached her saying ‘mum I’m so glad you’re here,’ another wrote, while another commented: ‘Yeah my dad told me he saw his mum . In fact, it comforted me.

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