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Altoona man gets probation for police chase and hit-and-run accident

Altoona man gets probation for police chase and hit-and-run accident
Altoona man gets probation for police chase and hit-and-run accident

November 2 – EAU CLAIRE – An Altoona man will spend two years on probation for major authorities during a chase through Altoona and Eau Claire before causing a hit-and-run accident on Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire.

The incident ended when the man’s vehicle was found engulfed in flames in the far west of Eau Claire.

Joshua A. Timms, 40, 1920 Garfield Ave., pleaded no contest in Eau Claire County Court on Tuesday to one count of evading an officer. A misdemeanor charge of hit and run accompanied by a vehicle was dismissed but considered at sentencing by Judge Sarah Harless.

As conditions of probation, Timms must undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation and any other recommended program or treatment.

Harless also fined Timms $518.

According to the criminal complaint:

Just before 9 p.m. Thursday, March 3, Altoona Police received a complaint of a vehicle swerving all the way down the road. Based on license plate information passed to authorities, police believed the vehicle was being driven by Timms.

An Altoona police officer located the vehicle, which had four-way turn signals activated, on Tenth Street West near North Wilson Drive. The officer activated his car’s hazard warning lights in an attempt to carry out a traffic check.

When the officer got behind the vehicle, the driver of the suspect vehicle turned around and drove in the opposite direction. The officer turned around and continued to follow the suspect vehicle, which nearly hit another vehicle.

The officer got close enough to the vehicle to determine that Timms was the driver.

As they approached Hillside Road, the officer attempted to initiate a moving roadblock, but Timms simply drove around the officer’s vehicle. A second officer was able to get in front of Timms and pull him to a stop.

As the second officer began to walk towards Timms’ vehicle, Timms took off at high speed, rolled between the two squad cars and nearly hit them both.

A high-speed chase began and ended when Timms headed west on Clairemont Avenue at a speed of 70 mph. Timms ran a red light at US 12 and US 53.

The story continues

At 9:10 p.m., Eau Claire police were called to a hit-and-run accident at Clairemont Avenue and Rudolph Road. The victim driver said he and another vehicle were both heading west on Clairemont Avenue when a third vehicle tried to come between them. The victim driver said the vehicle hit the passenger side of his vehicle and continued driving.

Based on the description of the striking vehicle, police determined it was Timms’ vehicle.

At 11:20 p.m., Eau Claire Police received a report of a burning vehicle in the 600 block of Lamplighter Court. An officer arrived and found a burning vehicle.

Timms was in a nearby alley screaming wildly.

Timms was arrested and made statements that earlier in the evening the police were following him with their lights on and suddenly disappeared. Timms also said he hit something that night and continued driving.

. man from Altoona gets a probation for chase police accident with misdemeanor leak

. Altoona man probation police chase hitandrun accident

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