Eastern Ky. Couple get married at home after flood

ISOM, Ky. (WYMT) — Kevin and Teresa Breeding got engaged last Christmas Eve and planned to tie the knot Sept. 10.

The ceremony would take place at Kevin Breeding’s home in Isom, and everything was going according to plan until the July 28 flood that surrounded his home.

“We didn’t think we’d be able to get it here because it was such a mess,” Teresa Breeding said.

Water reached the porch, making a ceremony impossible in less than two months, but the tragedy did not stop them.

“God, uh what am I trying to say?” said Kevin Breeding.

“He made his way. He made his way. He did,” Teresa Breeding replied.

They worked every day to clean the yard and get it ready for the wedding.

Even a constant rain that day stopped just before the ceremony.

“It rained until about 4:45 that day, and I told her that morning that I think it’s going to stop raining, in time for the wedding,” Teresa Breeding said.

The couple then married with friends and relatives gathered in front of a lattice in the image of their perseverance.

“I was able to finish it and get it built and that’s where we got married,” Kevin Breeding said.

They plan to keep the trellis in the front yard as a keepsake of their wedding.

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. Eastern couple marie house after the flood

. Eastern Couple married home flood

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