How Todd Garton used a friend to kill his pregnant wife

How Todd Garton used a friend to kill his pregnant wife
How Todd Garton used a friend to kill his pregnant wife

The murder of an expectant mother mirrored spy novels stuffed with secret killers and contract hits, but it was all tragically real – and the conspirators were people she trusted.

On the evening of May 16, 1998, Todd Garton and his friend Dale Gordon arrived at the home they shared in Cottonwood, California. They found Todd’s 28-year-old wife, Carole, who was eight months pregnantbloody and insensitive.

Todd attempted CPR, while Dale called 911. But Carole had been shot multiple times, and when help arrived she and her unborn baby were pronounced dead.

“The image of Ms. Garton lying there dead in her very heavily pregnant state is an image I will have in my mind for the rest of my life,” said McGregor Scott, former Shasta County District Attorney. “Mastermind of Murder”, aeration Sundays at 7/6c on Oxygen.

An autopsy revealed Carole had been shot five times by a .44 caliber gun – three times in the head, once in the side and once in the leg.

Detectives learned that Todd and Carole met through Oregon’s indie music scene, where he had visions of rock stardom that were going nowhere. They moved to California and got married, and he joined the army. After his release, Todd ran a fencing business. Carole worked in the insurance industry and was eager to start a family.

Todd, Carole, Gordon and another friend, Norman Daniels, had attended a gun show the day of the murder. All three men share military backgrounds. Carole left early because she was feeling tired, and Daniels offered to drive her home in her Jeep. So where was his vehicle? Where was Daniel?

Detectives stationed at Daniels’ home brought him in for questioning when he arrived there in a taxi.

Daniels said he and Carole watched a movie. He used his Jeep to flip the film. But why did he leave his vehicle in a parking lot and take a taxi home? Investigators obtained a warrant to search his home.

At his residence, they found bloodied clothing, ammunition, spent cartridges and a .44 revolver. When detectives confronted Daniels with what they found, he flipped it all over.

“He started giving information that he was responsible for Carole’s shooting,” said Steven Berg, a retired detective with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department. “He came out so fast it was a surprise.”

He admitted to shooting Carole, but when asked why he did so, he alleged it was in someone else’s name..

“I was a hitman,” he said.

Daniels claimed he was contacted by The Company, a group of secret assassins linked to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) to kill Carole. The kill orders arrived in an envelope on March 28, two months before Carole’s murder. Once Daniels broke the wax seal on the envelope, he said he couldn’t go back.

“He mentioned that Carol was also a member of this organization,” investigators said, adding that Daniels believed she was being targeted for a hit she performed.

“There are very few things after a 20-plus year career in law enforcement that shock you,” said Bill Blair, a retired Shasta County Sheriff’s Department deputy. “But this whole ex-CIA and IRA thing was more than just a local homicide.

Before being arrested for Carole’s murder, Daniels revealed that Todd Garton introduced him to The Company. Alongside Todd and Dale Gordon, Daniels had previously been on a botched mission in Oregon.

When questioned by police, Gordon corroborated Daniels’ account, saying Todd had asked for their help in killing Dean Noyes, a suspected embezzler. Although he had his doubts, Gordon could not get out of the plot.

Armed with firearms and Todd’s homemade silencer, the three men traveled to Oregon. Lynn, a manager there for The Company, gave Todd a key to Target’s house. The key did not match and the mission was cancelled. Todd threw the muffler near the target’s house.

Gordon said he was relieved to be away, but Daniels still wanted to be part of The Company.

“He needed the money for himself and his son,” psychotherapist Dr. Michelle Roberts told producers.

Todd put Daniels in touch with Colonel Sean, a high-ranking Company player. Colonel Sean’s target for Daniels, slipped into that wax-sealed envelope, was Carole. If Daniels did not kill her, he believed, he and his son would die.

While locked up, Daniels’ phone conversation with Todd gave investigators the strong impression that Todd was deeply involved in this plot.

“It was all like, what are we going to learn next?” said McGregor Scott, former Shasta County district attorney. “It’s crazy.”

At Carole’s funeral, investigators observed that Todd was too close to just be friends with a woman identified as Lynn Noyes – the wife of the Oregon target. She had known Todd for many years.

When questioned by officials, Lynn denied having a romantic relationship with Todd and knowing anything about murder-for-hire. But his emails told a different story.

Todd’s computer, meanwhile, was determined to be the same one used by Colonel Sean. Todd was “orchestrating the whole thing,” Berg explained.

Lynn admitted that Todd was “smitten” with her, and he knew it. Each of their spouses had hefty life insurance policies. Todd knew that to collect, Carole had to die. Acknowledging that “he’s the devil himself”, Lynn told detectives that Todd said he wanted Carole “out before the baby was born”.

Lynn was taken into custody.

Todd was brought in for questioning, and he immediately got a lawyer. So, investigators looked for evidence to bolster their case against Todd. His muffler was found in Oregon, and the wax imprint on Daniels’ envelope matched one of Todd’s rings.

Following his arrest for his role in the attempted murder of Dean Noyes, Dale Gordon pleaded guilty and agreed to testify for clemency.

Gordon revealed that Todd relied on his military values ​​to manipulate him, according to “Mastermind of Murder.”

In their case against Todd, prosecutors pointed out that Carole had married “this crazy man and was the most immediate and direct victim of his desire to live a bigger, bigger, faster life than he knew. was capable,” Scott said.

“The people he manipulated thought he was a messiah,” Richards added.

They paid the price: Norman Daniels was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Lynn Noyes pleaded guilty to conspiracy and was sentenced to 25 years. Dale Gordon, meanwhile, served eight years and seven months of his 10-year sentence.

“If I could say one thing to Carole, I’d say I miss you,” he told producers. “I’m sorry I wasn’t your protector back then.”

Todd Garton has been convicted of orchestrating the murder of his wife and unborn baby. He was sentenced to death and is currently on death row.

For more on the case, watch “Mastermind of Murder”, which you can stream here.

. How Todd Garton used friend for kill wife pregnant

. Todd Garton friend kill pregnant wife

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