Man running across country for cause hit by truck near Amarillo, unlikely to survive

CARSON COUNTY, Texas (KFDA) — A Portland man running across the country to raise awareness for those affected by the pandemic was hit by a truck near Amarillo earlier this week.

Grady Lambert was running from Cannon Beach, Oregon, to Hilton Head, South Carolina, a 4,000-mile trip to help raise awareness for those affected by the pandemic.

According to DPS, Lambert was hit by a truck 10 miles east of Amarillo in Carson County while running along a road, leaving him with life-threatening injuries that his parents said he was left with. he wouldn’t survive.

Lambert’s parents said they would donate their son’s organs so he can help more people after he is gone.

They are also setting up a scholarship in his name for graduating students at Lincoln Academy Alternative High School in his hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The money will be given to a student who will pursue a career in nursing.

“He said, so I want you to take my ashes and spread them from where I’m off until the end,” said Julie Lambert, mother of Grady Lambert. “So Mark and I are going on an epic road trip and spreading Grady’s ashes along the way.”

If you would like to donate to the Grady Lambert Scholarship Fund, click here.

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. Man running country hit truck Amarillo survive

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