Move over, coffee! Black tea helps ward off death

Move over, coffee! Black tea helps ward off death
Move over, coffee! Black tea helps ward off death

In America, coffee may be king. But across the world, tea reigns supreme as the most popular liquid to drink (apart from water).

Originating in China, the juice of infused plant leaves has captured the hearts of some of the biggest countries in the world. In China (1.4 billion people), Dragonwell green tea and fermented pu’er tea are among the variants sipped with most meals, sometimes brewed from leaves handpicked from century-old teahouses. In India (also 1.4 billion people), Assam and Darjeeling are prized for their malty and musky flavors. In both cultures, herbal teas are valued for their rich health benefits (see: ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine).

While many health studies in the United States have focused on black coffee, or even green tea, few studies have analyzed the benefits of black tea, the most widely consumed type of tea in the world. But good news! A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that drinking black tea could lead to a longer life.

Researchers from the American College of Physicians came to this conclusion after sifting through data from another enthusiastic tea-drinking country: the United Kingdom. Taken from the UK Biobank – which stores a sample of half a million men and women, aged 40 to 69, who were interviewed between 2006 and 2010 – the data showed that those who said regularly drinking two or more cups of black tea each day had a reduced risk of death, compared with those who did not. Specifically, their risk of dying from various causes — cancer, heart disease, stroke — was 9 to 13 percent lower.

This finding held true whether tea drinkers added milk or sugar to their cups, whether the tea was hot or cold, or whether tea drinkers also drank coffee. According to the researchers, genetics related to caffeine metabolism also made no difference.

Notably, the study featured a much larger sample of those who drank tea (85% of UK data!) compared to those who did not. Still, the study authors are optimistic that tea could be a wonderful part of a healthy breakfast (or lunch or dinner).

According to the US Tea Association, Americans drank nearly 4 billion gallons of tea last year. So we say: keep it up!

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. move coffee tea black help ward off death

. Move coffee Black tea helps ward death

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