Filmmaker Mani Amar killed in fight between Surrey neighbours: police

Investigators have identified a man they believe was killed when a fight between neighbors in Surrey, B.C. escalated on Wednesday.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) said Manbir (Mani) Amar died after being assaulted in the 14100 block of 61 Avenue at approximately 1:50 p.m. PT.

The family also confirmed to CBC that the victim is the award-winning filmmaker.

RCMP were called to the scene in Newton’s neighborhood to reports of a fight between two men. A statement released on Thursday said officers found Amar injured and he later died.

“This was an isolated incident between two neighbours,” Sergeant IHIT said. Timothy Pierotti wrote in the release.

“Tragically, this situation escalated to a point where a life was taken.”

The gendarmerie found a suspect at the scene and arrested him, according to the press release.

The suspect has not been publicly identified, but IHIT has identified Amar “in hopes of advancing the investigation.”

RCMP are asking anyone with information about the incident who has not yet spoken to police to contact IHIT.

“He left a legacy”

For years, Amar has focused on gang violence with his advocacy and filmmaking.

Karen Reid Sidhu of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society said Amar had worked with her organization and provided valuable insight into the minds of young people feeling the pull of gang life.

“He was fed up with all the shootings that were going on and the young people involved in gangs,” Sidhu said.

“He had such a passion for helping kids trying to stay away from gang activity. And now he is no longer with us.”

He saw the value of mentoring other young people, said Sidhu, acknowledging that adult voices may not have as much impact.

He understood the need to reach young men early – before they become entrenched in the gang lifestyle.

Sidhu said Amar was particularly saddened to see young South Asian men entering gang life.

“He insisted that’s not what represents the South Asian community, but unfortunately it’s something that’s happening right now,” she said. “He was very passionate about it.”

IMDB credits Amar with three films: a short film, a documentary and a feature film titled Footsteps in Gangland, described as an “adaptation of real events that shattered Vancouver’s South Asian community.”

“He left a legacy,” Sidhu said.

. filmmaker Mani Amar killed in a fight between neighbors Surrey police

. Filmmaker Mani Amar killed fight Surrey neighbours police

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