Twitch Streamer plays Elden Ring using only his brain

Twitch Streamer plays Elden Ring using only his brain
Twitch Streamer plays Elden Ring using only his brain
Screenshot: Perrikaryal / Kotaku

When you connect to the Twitch streamer The Perrikaryal Rangeyou might see her playing FromSoftware’s epic role-playing game Ring of Elden with fourteen unknown black sensors stuck to his scalp. This is her – as she said during a news feed earlier today – a “just for fun” electroencephalogram (EEG) machine, something researchers use to record the electrical activity of the brain, which she reused to let her play Ring of Elden hands free.

“Okay what and how”, editor

to a clip of Perri (whose name seems to refer to the perikaryonthe cell body of a neuron) describing how it linked brain activity to key bindings to help it play the game, shared by esports journalist Jake Lucky .

Report disbelief (“I got a lot of stuff online like, […] ‘are you for real?’ “Says Perri in this Twitter clip) and cries from Ex-Machina.

It looks amazing – in the clip, you see Perri simply say “attack” to her screen like a Matilda gamer, then after a short delay she Ring of Elden the character responds with rock sling casting to an angry boss. But I spent my undergrad attaching eye-tracking devices to my friends’ heads while they helped me fill out my lab requirements, and I know that while brain technology might seem complicated, some of it was still pretty easy for me at 19. So I contacted my old classmate, University of Michigan in Cognitive Neuroscience PhD student Cody Caofor his thoughts.

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“EEG has very good temporal resolution,” he said, “meaning that the collected neural response to gaming stimuli is reduced to milliseconds. If the neural responses corresponding to the available actions show very different neural patterns, the algorithms can decode or differentiate who is who after learning. Then you play the game with the EEG.

But playing a game with your brain – something Elon Musk tried to shock the public with in 2021, when his brain-computer interface company Neuralink released a video of a monkey playing pong using its technology – will not give you an advantage.

“Decoding is still janky,” Cao told me, “60-70% accuracy is considered pretty good,” compared to 90-100% accuracy for performing an action manually (which also requires your brain! ).

“It takes a lot of algorithm training to achieve acceptable performance. They probably have to experience many different examples of the same thing (like Perri saying ‘attack’ before attacking) to be able to explain the vast majority of attacks,” Cao continued. “It’s like FaceID on your iPhone – it gets better with the more examples it sees.”

Perri also pointed out in her stream today that she’s not necessarily innovating, but bringing the possibilities of using EEG to the attention of the general public.

“It’s not that crazy, it’s really easy to do. And it’s done since 1988she said of playing with her brain. “It’s not necessarily something new that I do, I’m just not sure it’s very well known.” But now you know, and maybe you’ll figure out how to mentally control grilled cheese that doesn’t hurt my stomach afterwards.

. Twitch Streamer plays Elden Ring using only sound brain

. Twitch Streamer plays Elden Ring brain

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