CFW Evilnat 4.89.3 slated for release this week

Stage developer Evilnat has been hard at work on a new iteration of their Custom Firmware 4.89 for the PS3.

The next version, 4.89.3, is for all intents and purposes ready, and the developer said he hopes to release this new update sometime this week. Among other things, it will feature many updates to xai_plugin (a plugin that adds a lot of functionality to the XMB), the ability to dump EEPROM, and the ability to activate the PS3’s 8th core.

What is CFW 4.89.3 Evilnat for PS3

Evilnat CFW is custom firmware for your PS3. It adds customization features to your hacked console.

A CFW adds several features for DIYers, in addition to what a HEN provides.

Evilnat CFW notably integrates the Cobra tool which allows:

  • Region Free BluRay
  • ISO mount for BluRay/DVD/PS1/PS2/PS3*
  • Mount ISOs and games over the network
  • ISOs can be split and still mounted, to circumvent the 4GB FAT32 file limit on USB
  • PS1 save discs work like retail discs
  • Launch any PSP ISO using Cobra PSP Launcher (Not 100% compatibility)*
  • Run PS2 ISOs on any console (hard drive only, software emulator is not 100% compatible)
  • Never requires a real disc in the drive
  • Startup plugins (applications that run in the background on startup)
  • Dynamic firmware spoofing for mounted saves (apps don’t require updates for every firmware update)

CFW Evilnat 4.89.3: What’s New

Here’s what we can expect from CFW Evilnat 4.89.3, based on some developer feedback over the past few months:

  • New options added in xai_plugin:
    • Clear EEPROM
    • Clear SYSCON error log
    • Empty token seed
    • Update xai_plugin
    • Enable/disable PSN protection (when system calls are enabled)
    • [Toggle HDD Space] (Unlocks/Restores 8% more total space on PS3 internal hard drive)
    • [Enable VSH Debugging] (Allows vsh.self debugging)
    • [Swap Kernel] (Exchanges between the CEX and DEX cores of CoreOS)
    • [Enable FTP] now shows current IP if available
    • [Spoof IDPS] (IDPS Spoofs in LV2)
    • [Spoof PSID] (PSID Spoofs in LV2)
    • [Dump SYSROM] (SYSROM Dumps on HDD or USB)
    • Improve OtherOS menu (like Rebug Toolbox)
    • [Convert to CEX/DEX] and [Check TargetID] added in xai_plugin. You can now convert your PS3 to DEX/CEX and check your current TargetID via the XMB
    • Choice [Enable OtherOS] and [Boot OtherOS] added in xai_plugin. I need more testing and may need testers who want to test it with a flasher on NAND.
    • [Dump Flash] (Nor/NAND current dumps)
    • [Toggle Plugins] (Enables/disables Cobra plugins)
    • [Enable FTP] (Enable FTP server in port 21)
    • [Disable FTP] (Disables the FTP server)
    • New menu structure
  • Possibility to activate the 8th Core (SPE) of the PS3
  • Named 4.89.3 PEX. “PEX stands for Ported dEX, because I ported DEX Kernel and some modules from 4.84 to 4.89. “
  • Modules and kernel from 4.84 OFW DEX are functional in 4.89 CEX

We’ve seen that beta testers have already confirmed that many things work as expected, including PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility for original PS3 models, SSDs, Linux, and more. Hopefully the beta test goes well and we may see a release of CFW 4.89.3 from Evilnat this week.


. PS3 CFW Evilnat release planned for this week

. CFW Evilnat #4.89.3 slated release week

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