Rickea Jackson rejects WNBA draft and stays in Tennessee

Rickea Jackson rejects WNBA draft and stays in Tennessee
Rickea Jackson rejects WNBA draft and stays in Tennessee

Tennessee forward Rickea Jackson

today, she will return to the Flights for a second season with the program. She previously played her first three seasons at Mississippi State before moving to Tennessee, where she averaged 19.6 points and 6.2 rebounds this year.

“I was so happy during my time on Rocky Top,” Jackson kicked off her post on Instagram. “I’m so grateful to my teammates and coaches and the endless bonds I’ve created being here. I appreciate all of the support from our amazing fans for making this transition to the University of Tennessee worthwhile. But we’re not done yet. I COME BACK FOR ANOTHER YEAR.”

Prior to deciding to return to college basketball next season, Jackson was widely considered a top 10 prospect in the upcoming WNBA Draft. The incoming rookie class is considered one of the heaviest drafts in recent memory. Outside of Aliyah Boston of South Carolina who goes to the Indiana Fever with the first overall pick in April, the next 11 picks are drawn. Clutch points’ the recent WNBA mock draft had Diamond Miller of Maryland as the clear No. 2 pick for Minnesota and sent Jackson to the Dallas Wings with the No. 5 pick before it was announced today.

Jackson’s return to Tennessee is a bit of a shock given the depth of the 2024 WNBA Draft class. While some players may use their fifth year of eligibility to return to their college programs, Caitlin Clark of Iowa, Stanford’s Cameron Brink and LSU’s Angel Reese, among others, are stars who could change the fate of a WNBA franchise.


. Rickea Jackson reject draft WNBA rest Tennessee

. Rickea Jackson rejects WNBA draft stays Tennessee

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