Date, time and TV channel

Date, time and TV channel
Date, time and TV channel

The celebration of the American New Year with the Rose Bowl game will take place on Monday, January 2, 2023. This event will be the 134th event in American culture. This colorful event with the 109th game of the Rose Bowl will be an exciting event for Americans as well as people around the world. This event will take place the day after New Years Day, in accordance with the tournament’s header ever held on a Sunday since 1893.

Observation Parade

  • Date: Monday January 2
  • Time: 11 a.m. ET
  • TV: NBC
  • Stream anywhere: Click here

In the very birth of this event, it started, it’s a journey on a Sunday. Through audiences around the world, the Rose Parade is a unique and iconic celebration of the New Year. The Rose Parade rally covers approximately 5.5 miles on Colorado Blvd and includes four types of sets: the flower-decorated floats entered by a participating company, non-profit organization or municipal equestrian units, groups and tournament entries.

The main event will begin at 11 a.m. ET. With multiple locations to choose from at Rose Bowl Stadium events, capture the history and lore of the American Stadium. The public can enjoy the first-class meal in the spacious, state-of-the-art changing rooms of the Terry Donahua Pavilion. Count of the Land dress any space to host an elegant gathering while enjoying views of the majestic San Gabriel Maintains in a unique and memorable location. On it is only ten miles from downtown Los Angels. Rose Bowl the autograph event will delight all audiences.

How to Watch the 109th Rose Bowl Parade Live Online?

On Monday, Jan. 2, the 2023 Rose Bowl Parade will air beginning at 11 a.m. ET. The show will include commercial breaks every 90 minutes. The parade will be televised by several broadcast and streaming partners, including NBC, Peacock and local ABC affiliate Onle here OolaTV Just $9.99 Anywhere.

What is the “Roses Parade”?

Rose Parade works hard to preserve history with the Tournament of Roses and keep the tradition alive. The Rose Parade will take place on Colorado Boulevard, 49N. Los Robles Avenue Pasadena. The annual parade usually kicks off on the morning of the first day of the calendar year, but it won’t happen from January to this year for the 20th time in its 134-year history, it’s because the Pasadena Association of the Tournament of roses, the organization of the Sunday parade. This year, the Rose Bowl game, which will follow the parade, will also take place on January 2.

This event will cover NFL Super Bowl games, as well as the 1994 Men’s World Cup and 1999 Women’s World Cup. It is also the home of UCLA football, July celebrations, concerts, services religious and the largest flea market in the world. Rose Bowl declared its trip in 1902, making it Bowl’s oldest.

The Rose Bowls game immediately follows the parade of roses. Both events occur every New Year’s in Pasadena. The Rose Bowl event upholds the brand less culture and tradition of mighty America, from history to different corners of the world. And except for all races and all nations, it became an international people event that united all people with one leap.

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