3 things Chargers learned for the playoffs in Week 17 win over Rams

3 things Chargers learned for the playoffs in Week 17 win over Rams
3 things Chargers learned for the playoffs in Week 17 win over Rams

Despite having already clinched a playoff berth the previous week, the LA Chargers prevailed against the LA Rams in Week 17 with a definitive 31-10 victory. The Chargers’ momentum continues to build because they did exactly what a playoff team should do against a bad team: beat them hard.

The Chargers have now secured the sixth seed at worst with a decent chance of securing the fifth seed as long as they can beat the Denver Broncos in Week 18. Although they aren’t playing for their lives in the playoffs, they are always playing for something.

In addition to playing for a higher seed, the Chargers are also receiving final lessons and tune-ups ahead of the start of the playoffs over the past two weeks. As for Week 17, there are 3 things the Bolts (and the fans) should have learned.

Justin Herbert is under center and he’s ultimately the one who gives the Chargers an extremely high ceiling because he’s an elite quarterback. However, to win the Super Bowl you need to have a full offense and for the Chargers that means starting the running game.

The Bolts haven’t had much success with the ball this season while having a disappointing offense. Offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi has rightly been criticized for not being able to properly use the immense talent in attack.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things the Chargers could do better in the passing game and it starts with Lombardi. But this game showed that having a rushing attack that the other team has to respect makes a huge difference.

The Chargers rushed for 192 yards in the game, which is the second most this season. It’s also the first time the Chargers have scored 30 points since Week 5, which is their no. 1 race game of the season.

These things go together. In the four games in which the Chargers scored 27 or more points, they averaged 156.5 rushing yards per game. In the team’s final four games this season, the Bolts are averaging 56 rushing yards per game.

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. things the Chargers have learned for the playoffs in win week vs the Rams

. Chargers learned playoffs Week win Rams

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