Fox overhears 49ers meme-worthy reaction to Gould’s missed goal

Fox overhears 49ers meme-worthy reaction to Gould’s missed goal
Fox overhears 49ers meme-worthy reaction to Gould’s missed goal

San Francisco 49ers rookie Jason Poe was the internet’s main character for a brief moment during Sunday’s thrilling 37-34 overtime win over the Raiders in Las Vegas.

Poe, who is currently on the practice squad and did not dress for Sunday’s game, appeared in the background of a replay of 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy on the sidelines reacting to the basket missed Robbie Gould with two seconds left in regulation time. Purdy looks down for a brief second after the miss, but Poe can be seen with a huge smile on his face, screaming and squirming as the kick goes up, only to have any expression wiped from his face after the miss. A teammate can be seen grabbing it when it starts to get overexcited.

The Internet hasn’t missed a thing.

“Look at the reaction in the background of the missed FG”, a fan


“Someone must have checked the 49ers practice player on that missed FG. Whoops,”


“Missed FG meme,”

fan with a crying and laughing emoji.

It’s hard to blame Poe for his reaction, though. Gould was one of the league’s best kickers during his career. He holds the NFL record for field goals made in the playoffs without a miss (17), including a game-winner against the Packers in last season’s NFC Divisional Round that nearly broke the fan base. . Gould made a record 276 of 323 field goals (85.4%) during his 11 years with the Chicago Bears and holds their franchise records for career goals, field goals made in a season and field goals of at least 50 yards.

Gould, of course, redeemed himself in overtime, hitting the game-winner to extend the Niners’ winning streak to nine. Sunday’s win left them two results away from the NFC’s No. 1 seed and the coveted first-round bye.

. Fox overhears #49ers memeworthy reaction Goulds missed goal

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