Mike Williams might have passed Justin Jefferson for the catch of the season with a one-handed side-grab

Mike Williams might have passed Justin Jefferson for the catch of the season with a one-handed side-grab
Mike Williams might have passed Justin Jefferson for the catch of the season with a one-handed side-grab

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson had the NFL’s best catch of the 2022 season … for a few weeks. Jefferson may have met his match in Week 17, when the Los Angeles Chargers’ Mike Williams landed a great one-handed grab on the sidelines that might be the best catch of the NFL season.

Williams’ take came with 1:26 left in the second quarter on Sunday as the Chargers took on the Los Angeles Rams. As the Chargers raced down the field for a score before halftime, Williams pulled off an incredible one-handed catch to bring the team closer to field goal range.

Williams fully extended his arm, firmly secured the ball with his right hand and had the awareness to tap both feet inbounds before dropping to the ground. It was, at the very least, good enough to get into the conversation for the best catch of the 2022 NFL season.

The official NFL Twitter account seemed to think Williams had at least locked down that title.

Was Mike Williams’ take better than Justin Jefferson’s?

But was it really better than Jefferson’s take?

In case you forgot what it looked like, allow us to jog your memory. Back in Week 10, the Vikings trailed the Buffalo Bills by 4 points with less than two minutes left. In fourth-and-18, Kirk Cousins ​​found Jefferson for a crucial first down to keep Vikings hopes alive. The pass was high, but Jefferson came up with one hand and somehow snatched the ball from the Bills defenseman while going to the ground.

The Vikings won the game thanks to the heroism of Jefferson. He had a ridiculous 10 catches, 197 yards and a score in the Vikings’ 33-30 overtime win. This performance earned Jefferson the NFC Offensive Player of the Week award and had some of his gear sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jefferson’s hold came at a much more important moment in the game and deserves extra credit for it. He also had a defender draped over him, increasing the level of difficulty and focus on the game.

The story continues

Williams’ hold wasn’t as effective, but he had to stay on tiptoe. He didn’t have to face a defender to catch, but it made him more aesthetically pleasing. You can clearly see all of Williams’ moves. He made an extremely difficult grip easy by catching the ball smoothly and getting his feet inbounds in one motion. This highlighted the unreal level of athleticism NFL players possess.

In the end, none of that matters. There is no award for the “best catch of the NFL season”. But it creates a fun debate. Do you prefer Jefferson’s take because it was clutch? Or do you like the smooth motion Williams displayed as he hauled his dumpster?

There’s no wrong answer here, just two awesome captures.

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. Mike Williams passed Justin Jefferson catch season onehanded sidegrab

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