Rafael Nadal explains the impact of Roger Federer’s retirement on him

Rafael Nadal described Roger Federer’s retirement as “a farewell to an important part of my life”. Nadal, 36, attended Federer’s Laver Cup farewell. For the last match of his career, Federer wanted to team up with Nadal for a doubles match.

Nadal and Federer, who created one of the greatest rivalries in tennis history, have always had a very respectful relationship. After their Laver Cup doubles match ended and Federer’s career ended, Nadal became very emotional and burst into tears.

“Because of the contrast in styles, personalities and affinities, and for having shared so many beautiful things on and off the pitch, Roger Federer’s retirement was saying goodbye to an important part of my life,” Nadal said, according to ESPN Tennis.

Nadal happy Federer received memorable start

In London, Federer was accompanied by his three biggest rivals – Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. While Federer and Nadal played, Djokovic and Murray supported them from the bench.

Once it was all over, Nadal was sure Federer had the chance to enjoy a very memorable departure from tennis. “It was a beautiful day, moving, but also sad. A legend of world sport has retired, no doubt. He was an adventure companion.

We shared many years on the circuit and many important moments that we raced together. I’m happy because Roger had an unforgettable night in London when he said goodbye, with the affection of so many people around the world. He deserves it for being a great example and an icon.

In this sense, for me, being part of his last professional moment was a difficult day, but with a lot of emotions,” Nadal said. Meanwhile, Nadal has had another injury-plagued season in 2022. However, Nadal plans to continue his career just as easily. quitting was never an option for Nadal. This year Nadal has won two Grand Slams and now he is a record 22-time Grand Slam champion.

. Rafael Nadal explains the impact retirement Roger Federer on him

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