Alan Williams was upset with Justin Fields’ post-game apology

Alan Williams was upset with Justin Fields’ post-game apology
Alan Williams was upset with Justin Fields’ post-game apology

Alan Williams has seen a lot of football in his NFL career. It came with interacting with many different quarterbacks. He was there with the Colts when Peyton Manning ran the show. He endured the years of Christian Ponder in Minnesota, watched Matthew Stafford in Detroit, and the later years of Andrew Luck. The longtime coach has a strong idea of ​​how the best quarterbacks are supposed to behave. That’s why the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator was upset listening to Justin Fields’ apology in the locker room after the tough loss to Atlanta.

It wasn’t for the reasons you think. He wasn’t upset that Fields threw the game-ending interception. It was more bad luck than anything. His problem is that the young quarterback felt the need to apologize at all. Williams has seen Fields become an exciting player over the past two months. It was done with talent but also with hard work. No one takes longer to try to improve than Fields. Everyone in the locker room knew that, that’s why they shut it down before he could finish.

They knew he was the main reason Chicago was even in this game. He had nothing to reproach himself for. It was a team loss.

Alan Williams’ statement reflects Fields’ image in the locker room.

Everyone loves him. He has become the undisputed leader of this team and the guys are ready to go to war for him. They see the sacrifices he makes. No free minute is wasted. It’s about training, training and studying cinema. No matter the hits he keeps taking, putting a lot of wear and tear on his body. For him to do all of this and feel responsible enough to apologize shows his remarkable maturity. Another reason the guys were sad about this moment was out of guilt.

After all, the defense gave up a six-minute drive and the field goal after Fields tied the game midway through the 4th quarter. Alan Williams knows his unit missed a golden opportunity to earn a win in that streak. Instead, they put the pressure back on Fields with less than two minutes left. It’s not good complementary football. He kills guys on defense that they couldn’t help. They have allowed 27 or more points in four straight games. Hearing the QB apologize only added to the pressure he felt to carry the team on his back. This is not a fun thought for competitors. Williams knows it too.


. Alan Williams was upset by apologies postgame Justin Fields

. Alan Williams upset Justin Fields postgame apology

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