Announcer lets Zach Wilson burn during basketball game

Announcer lets Zach Wilson burn during basketball game
Announcer lets Zach Wilson burn during basketball game

The mockery of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has spread to an entirely different sport. After Wilson’s nine completions on 22 attempts (40.9%) for 77 yards in the Jets’ 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots, fewer passes completed than the 10 punts the team that day, he got on the defensive, annoyed his teammates, was lambasted by many, and was officially benched on Wednesday before issuing an apology. Jokes about Wilson’s poor play (which goes well beyond Sunday) have been flying steadily, and ESPN’s play-by-play announcer Eric Rothman dropped one on Wednesday night (technically, Thursday morning , with a start at 12 p.m. ET) men’s college basketball game between Saint Mary’s and Vanderbilt:

“Liam Robbins, who has just returned to the game, throws an errant pass. They call it the Zack Wilson, I believe. Analyst Corey Williams laughed and said “People, his Twitter account is…”, making Rothman laugh himself. But the best part is how Williams went on to say, “You send shots! You’re not a Jets fan, are you? and Rothman said “No, of course not.”

Poor Wilson (seen above in an Oct. 2 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers), even burned during play-by-play of a college basketball game. And one not involving his BYU alma mater, or even a New York team. (And poor Robbins, having his passing accuracy compared to Wilson’s. That must hurt, but probably not as much as losing that game, which Saint Mary’s won 75-65.)

But, hey, at least it’s a little higher G-rated than Rob Gronkowski’s “As long as they can get their QB’s head in the playbook rather than out at parent-teacher conferences. ” And Wilson’s four-year, $35 million contract means he can probably poke around a bit. And perhaps the funniest part here is Rothman’s need to firmly deny being a Jets fan.

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. announcer let Zach Wilson burn during match basketball

. Announcer lets Zach Wilson burn basketball game

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