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Overtime Elite and Amazon Prime announce exclusive media rights deal

Overtime Elite and Amazon Prime announce exclusive media rights deal
Overtime Elite and Amazon Prime announce exclusive media rights deal

Overtime Elite, the company that sparked intrigue by launching a basketball league from scratch last year and shocking the sports ecosystem by signing and paying highly ranked high school players, has signed a media rights agreement with Amazon Prime. The streaming network will air 20 OTE matches in each of the next three seasons. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The contract, the first media rights deal for the league, solidifies Amazon’s dive into live sports.
  • This deal will provide a broad platform for Overtime Elite, where viewers can watch two potential NBA top-10 draft picks and other promising young players.
  • Amazon invested in overtime for the company’s Series D funding round.
  • Amazon will also air an additional season unscripted series in the middle of next year.

What does this mean for Overtime Elite?

It’s another interesting inflection point for the league and another sign of growth. Last season, year 1, was a proof of concept. He drew compliments for his move to Atlanta and for creating a new league. Many of his players have landed either on NBA teams or Summer League rosters. Still, as a consumer product, it was primarily a social media league, albeit quite popular on Instagram and TikTok. Now he can add a media rights deal to his portfolio, which should not only help him from a revenue perspective, but also help expand his footprint.

“In the words of many great athletes, we bet on ourselves,” said Overtime CEO Dan Porter. “And we think because we’re a different type of league, because we have a cast and the community is built into what we do, we didn’t need to go that route; and it turned out to be true. Obviously, we have millions of fans, subscribers and followers. Our games get hundreds of thousands of views, both live and after the fact. So it worked. »

Amazon Prime will broadcast these 20 games live, which represents a third of the league’s games. The additional two-thirds will be broadcast live elsewhere. OTE Highlights will always be visible on all of its social accounts.

Overtime will produce and call all games from Atlanta, where it has built its own broadcast control room.

It’s a win for the league ahead of its second season. By streaming on Amazon, OTE can, against all odds, afford to be seen in more conventional ways than just social media, where some audiences still don’t flock. Although Porter declined to disclose the value of the deal, he said it was a “really solid package.”

“It’s massively additive,” Porter said. “We are building a very big stage and trying to allow our league to perform wherever the audience is. I simply could not have predicted when this would happen.


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What does this mean for Amazon?

That’s just one more data point that Amazon is now in live sports. This follows agreements with the NFL for Thursday Night Football, with Major League Baseball, with the WNBA and with the NBA overseas.

“It was clear that Amazon was obviously a top destination taking a big leap forward in sports, interested in innovation,” Porter said. “They really worked on ‘Thursday Night Football’ on different types of shows. Obviously, it started out as a technology company at heart; we started as a technology company at heart. And kind of just excited and vibrated and went from there.

Who are the Overtime Elite players to watch this upcoming season?

There are a number of interesting ones who will be eligible for the 2023 draft and beyond.

The Thompson twins, Amen and Ausur, could both be among the top 10 picks in June. This is where they land Athleticism first mock draft of the season. Amen Thompson is currently the most likely player to break into the loaded top 2 in this year’s draft. Ausur Thompson was projected as the No. 10 pick. If you care about the NBA next year, you might want to watch these two this year.

But there is also talent for a few years after too. Naasir Cunningham, the No. 3 recruit of the class of 2024 according to 247 Sports, has just joined the program this summer. Alexandre Sarr, a 17-year-old 7-1 Frenchman, could one day be a first-round pick.

(Top photo: Courtesy of Amazon)

. Overtime Elite Amazon Prime announce exclusive deal on rights media

. Overtime Elite Amazon Prime announce exclusive media rights deal

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