X reasons why New York will win the 2022 World Series

A few months ago, the New York Mets split from the Atlanta Braves in the NL East race. Even though Atlanta has come back strong, the Mets are still ahead of the Braves by a full game, and they still have a few weeks to prepare before the playoffs start.

Losing series to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs isn’t a big sight for Mets fans, but they shouldn’t be too concerned about this performance. It is reported that Max Scherzer and Starling Marte will return

these are two pieces that are going to wreak havoc.

With a healthy Mets roster, here are some reasons you’ll win the 2022 World Series.

3. No one else has a better 1-2 punch

Having a consistent and reliable pitching staff is essential in the playoffs. The game slows down and the opposing managers manufacture serial adjustments that could affect the team’s performance. However, when your team has Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer as the top two starters in a series, the Mets have a great chance of winning any game.

deGrom and Scherzer will likely limit opponents to a maximum of three points and take the pressure off the bullpen in a close fight. The punch-out rate of these two is also at an impressive level, so opponents will have a hard time putting the ball in and fabricating any way to get hits.

2. Reliable Support Cast

Having All-Star caliber players in Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor is already a given they will contribute in the playoffs. What separates the Mets from the rest is their deep batting order that doesn’t necessarily need to rely on Alonso or Lindor to run errands every night. Starling Marte, Jeff McNeil and Brandon Nimmo are all in the middle of their career years in New York.

These three hitters don’t just rely on power and homers, but they create ways to score runs through singles and extra hits. McNeil is one of the best contact hitters in the game today, so his contributions will be needed in the playoffs. When there are games and it’s a low-scoring affair, manager Buck Showalter can pull Tyler Naquin or Luis Gillorme off his bench.

1. The best closer to the game right now

There’s no plausible debate in MLB right now that would contradict the claim of Edwin Diaz being the best close. His gimmick was phenomenal as he recorded 30 saves in 33 opportunities with a fantastic 1.43 ERA. The batters can’t even seem to get the ball in play as Diaz has 107 strikeouts in just 56 innings pitched.

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, the opponents know that the ball game is about to be closed. Edwin Diaz has also mastered the art of having a lively entrance song, as well as the legendary stuff he throws. He’s allowed just nine runs this season as the batters hit .168 against him this season.

The Mets last won a World Series crown in 1986, and it seems increasingly possible that they could replicate that this year. Owner Steve Cohen will be delighted with this result, especially the huge amount of money he has spent on the team. With no glaring weaknesses in the team, the Mets will be strong contenders to bring the trophy back to New York.

. reasons for which York will win the World Series

. reasons York win World Series

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