‘F*** everyone’ – Varner III reveals role his wife played in decision to join LIV – GolfWRX – .

‘F*** everyone’ – Varner III reveals role his wife played in decision to join LIV – GolfWRX – .
‘F*** everyone’ – Varner III reveals role his wife played in decision to join LIV – GolfWRX – .

Golf legend Fred Couples is not a fan of the LIV organization.

In recent months he has all but disowned Phil Mickelson despite their golfing history – being the last couple at the 2006 Masters and working together as vice-captains in the last Ryder Cup, both instrumental in the 19-9 thrashing of Europe team.

He also questioned the motives of those who signed and showed disbelief towards the 11 players (now 7) who put their names in a lawsuit against the PGA Tour – “I’m glad they’re gone, but stop trashing the PGA Tour,” the 62-year-old said at a recent PGA Tour Champions event. “If you don’t want to be part of it, you sue it?” Go and earn your millions and play golf like I’m going to this week.

Now the 1992 Masters champion has chosen the newest and biggest name to sign for the Greg Norman-led tour.

After dodging a host of questions since The Open, Cam Smith has finally opened up to the media about his reasons for leaving the PGA Tour.

Despite his five wins and the historic victory at St. Andrews, the Australian star was keen to stress that it was not the money, but the playing conditions, that were the reasons for his historic signing.

“I haven’t been back to Australia for three years,” he told Golf Digest. “To spend more time at home, not to miss the weddings of friends and family, and a couple of my friends had kids in the last four or five years that I still haven’t met. ”

“It’s going to be a part of my life that I can’t wait to get back to.”

The couples saw this as an opportunity to dig in, playing on the answers the world number two had given.

Posting on Twitter, Couples wrote:

Twitter is like Twitter, however, and the responses have been very mixed!

One user replied to the 13-time PGA Tour Champions winner, “When was the last time you played and finished a 72-hole tournament? Don’t you make a living now in 54-hole tournaments?

Another spoke of the many ‘side’ events the 62-year-old has taken part in over the years: “How many Skins, Appearances, other dumb seasonal events or Corp has Freddy taken in? ? Was a Freddy fan…his petty, childish hatred for LIV gamers really transformed me…”

There was support there, however, with one fan nodding. “Love it and agree most of us can relate to making a living. Plus, real, sane competitions are great to watch as a spectator,” they wrote.

Regardless of the answer, it’s clear that Boom Boom isn’t a fan of LIV, Norman, or anyone in it.

Over the 19th hole

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. all world Varner III reveal role wife played in decision join LIV GolfWRX

. Varner III reveals role wife played decision join LIV GolfWRX

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