The Woman King is box office royalty with a $19 million opening

The Woman King is box office royalty with a $19 million opening
The Woman King is box office royalty with a $19 million opening
Viola Davis
Photo: Ilze Kitchoff (Sony)

No sequels, remakes or recognizable IP address? No problem.

Gina Prince – Blythewood’s The female king doesn’t care about your brand synergy. Armed with nothing but a big old machete and a cast of extremely talented individuals, Viola Davis’ vehicle about the all-female West African army, Agojie, opened to $19 million at the box- office this weekend, by The Hollywood Reporter. The film exceeded its expectations by $15 million, riding a wave of good word of mouth, an A+ CinemaScore, and a powerful trailer. And to think about the competition, the public had to fight the urge to play Robert Zemeckis again. Pinnochio on Disney+ to see The female king.

This week’s top five felt like a box office from another time. Barbaric, the low-budget horror hit that surprisingly doesn’t have the words Blumhouse or A24 in its opening credits, raked in an additional $6 million over the weekend, placing it at number two. Speaking of A24, the independent film powerhouse known for taking chances with idiosyncratic filmmakers with innovative and fresh ideas, was the only top five movie to get there via a prequel. pearlthe X-traordinary X origin story, made its way to stardom with a $3.12 million opening.

Other indies were in the top five. Pictures of projectors’ See how they work, a period thriller starring Sam Rockwell, had no Iron Man, Batman, or Skywalker and managed to gross $3 million at number four. Although they don’t feature many beloved Disney characters, all of our favorite friends from See how they work are now Disney Princesses because Disney owns Searchlight. We suppose that [redacted] of Barbaric is also a Disney princess, because Disney owns the 20th century studios. Welcome to the Magic Kingdom, Inspector Stoppard and [redacted].

Finally, a remnant of summer has worked its way into our enjoyment of such a diverse and unlikely top five: High-speed train ousted Top Gun: Maverick with 2.5 million. Will America’s two most famous movie stars stop messing around and make a Marvel movie together? They leave money on the table.

Here’s the full top 10. With the exception of David Bowie’s experimental documentary, Lunar Reverieunexpectedly cracking the top 10 and The invite stay, the rest is filled with your Superior guns, DC League of Super Petsand Minions:

1) The female king

2) Barbaric

3) pearl

4) See how they work

5) High-speed train

6) Top Gun: Maverick

seven) DC League of Super Pets

8) The invite

9) Minions: The Rise of Gru

ten) Lunar Reverie

. Woman King is a royalty boxoffice with a opening million dollars

. Woman King box office royalty million opening

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