Blake Lively’s Baby Bump photos are in retaliation for overbearing paparazzi and this situation is not acceptable

Pregnancy should be a time of getting in touch with yourself, giving in to those weird urges, and celebrating a new life with those you love. Key word: should. Unfortunately, when you’re famous, the paparazzi are part of the package, even when you’re a mom-to-be. Many paparazzi are notorious for being so intrusive that they cause celebrities stress, but this situation with Blake Lively may be one of the darkest in a while.

On September 17, Lively shared glowing and adorable snaps of herself with her growing baby bump, which should make everyone happy! However, when you read the caption, you realize that the reason she uploaded it was a little sadder than you think. “Here are pictures of me pregnant in real life so the 11 guys waiting outside my house for a

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