Russia has committed ‘war crimes of massive proportions’, says Ukrainian ambassador

Russia has committed ‘war crimes of massive proportions’, says Ukrainian ambassador
Russia has committed ‘war crimes of massive proportions’, says Ukrainian ambassador

As new evidence emerges of war crimes committed by the Russian military in its continued invasion of Ukraine, “it is so important that everyone sees the true face of this aggression and terrorist attack that Russia is carrying out ”, declared the ambassador of Ukraine in the United States, Oksana Markarova. Sunday.

“It is torture, rape, murder. War crimes of enormous proportions,” Markarova said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl. “That’s why we have to liberate the whole territory of Ukraine as soon as possible, because it’s clear that the Russians are targeting all Ukrainians. Whole families. Children. There is therefore no logic of war in all this. It is simply to terrorize and commit genocide against Ukrainians. “

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a speech on Thursday that a mass grave had been discovered in the recently recaptured territory of Izyum. More than 400 bodies could be buried at the site, according to Ukrainian officials. (Russia has repeatedly denied targeting civilians, despite evidence to the contrary.)

“Do you have any idea of ​​these mass graves and the identity of the victims?” Karl asked Markarova on Sunday.

“We already have investigative teams there,” she replied, adding that the country was preparing domestic and international criminal cases against Russia — an effort the United States is participating in, Markarova said.

“The majority of [the victims]of course, the Ukrainians,” Markarova told Karl, calling the discovery of the mass grave “horrible.”

“Some of them are families, like everyone in the family gets killed for no reason,” she said, noting that “the majority of them… [showed] obvious signs of torture.”

This month, Ukraine launched a rapidly successful counter-offensive to retake territories occupied by Russia. During a speech on Wednesday evening, Zelenskyy said Ukrainian forces had advanced 110 kilometers in five days of fighting, retaking large swathes of the east.

Karl noted that the operation was undertaken “with a relatively small number of armed forces”.

“Do you have the manpower to hold this territory and continue to push back the Russians? He asked.

Oksana Markarova, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States, speaks during a rally and parade celebrating Ukraine’s Independence Day in Lafayatte Square near the White House in Washington, DC on 27 August 2022.

Bryan Olin Dozier/AP, FILE

Markarova acknowledged her country’s military weaknesses but said their resistance extended beyond just troops.

“In general, our force is much slower than the Russian force. But the reason they can’t hold ground and we can take it back, and we will take it back, is because they’re not just fighting with our brave president and our armed forces. armed forces, they are fighting with all Ukrainians,” she said. “So the 40 million Ukrainians are fighting for our loved ones and our homes.”

“All were waiting for release,” she said.

This week, the United States provided an additional $675 million in aid to Ukraine for ammunition, missiles and training. Since January, the United States has provided some $13.5 billion in aid.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, said his army was banding together in a war he described as keeping his country safe. The White House has publicly warned him against certain types of retaliation.

In an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” President Joe Biden said that if Putin uses chemical weapons against Ukraine, “you will change the face of war like it hasn’t since World War II.”

Citing this “stern warning” from Biden, Karl asked Markarova about the Ukrainian military push, saying, “What do you fear Russia will do in response?”

“For all the years that Putin was in power, they tried to scare the world and they tried to make us think about what he would do next,” Markarova said. “We just have to keep pushing, to liberate Ukraine. We just have to say clearly and all together to Putin, and to all Russians who support this, that it is not acceptable in the 21st century to attack a peaceful neighboring country.”

“Let’s not worry about what Putin thinks he should do,” she added. “Let’s all stay the course, let’s give more support to Ukraine because it will be much cheaper and better for the democratic world to win this war while it is still in Ukraine.

. Russia committed crimes war to massive proportions declared the ambassador of Ukraine

. Russia committed war crimes massive proportions Ukrainian ambassador

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