Hundreds gather in Clarendon to remember Ruthless

Hundreds gather in Clarendon to remember Ruthless
Hundreds gather in Clarendon to remember Ruthless

The late dancehall artist Leonard ‘Merciless’ Bartley was remembered on Saturday, September 17 as a son from Jamaica whose love for family and those around him knew no bounds.

The thanksgiving service to remember the artist considered one of the greatest lyricists to come from the island of 2.9million was held at St Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall on Church Street in May Pen, Clarendon.

Reports indicate that dozens of people from all walks of life came to pay their last respects.

“On July 19, 2022, his music stopped suddenly, but it resonates in sweet and moving choruses. But, for every joy that passes, there remains something beautiful. His love of music, of his family, is, was and always will be his legacy. Her song is over but the melody lives on,” said a relative, Kiara Mitchell, as she read her eulogy.

“His generosity extended to almost everyone who crossed his path. He gave without remembering but received without forgetting,” the relative said.

“Leonard lived a life that mattered. He was determined and his spirit of resilience would see Lenny go through more pain and tragedy than most of us will ever experience. He lost three siblings, his wife, and experienced personal failures and setbacks in the most public way possible. It’s a series of events that would have broken a lesser man. It would have been easy for him to allow himself to be bitter and hardened; surrender to self-pity and regret; to retire from public life and live out his years in peaceful calm. No one would have blamed him for it, but it wasn’t Leonard, the parent said.

“So even when the drums slowed down and the instruments started losing tune, Lenny persevered. He never stopped making music, even just dubbing for a friend, no matter the motivation. No matter what life threw at him, the music softened the blow,” the parent suggested.

Leonard is survived by his mother Etle Bartley, his brothers – Leroy and Larry, his sisters – Jacqueline and Claire, his four sons – Isiah, Leonard, Judah and Jacob, three grandchildren, nieces, nephews, a special friend Marsha , an immeasurable extended family, friends and associates in the music industry, an army of fans from around the world and a host of well-wishers.

Ruthless was found dead in a motel near Beechwood Avenue, St Andrew on July 19, hours after complaining that he was unwell. He had turned 51 on July 1.

. Hundreds People Gather Clarendon For Remembrance Ruthless

. Hundreds gather Clarendon remember Ruthless

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