Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has had enough of ‘Invisible Drax’ jokes

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has had enough of ‘Invisible Drax’ jokes
Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has had enough of ‘Invisible Drax’ jokes

James Gunn is responsible for many of the funniest moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a barrage of fan references made him regret one. guardians of the galaxy to joke.

Gunn recently took to Twitter to lament the constant references he’s been subjected to from fans. One joke in particular, which features Drax announcing “I’ve mastered the ability to stand so incredibly still that I become invisible to the eye,” became irritating for Gunn. He says the jokes have gotten more constant and annoying since he started collaborating with John Cena, whose WWE entrance theme includes the now infamous phrase “You can’t see me, my time is up. coming”. Gunn says hearing the same joke so often made him “almost regret making the joke in the first place.”

Gunn is best known within the MCU for both writing and directing guardians of the galaxy movies, but the Drax invisibility joke is actually from an entirely different project. The scene appears in Avengers: Infinity War, written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Gunn contributed dialogue for the Guardians, who play a major role in the film, in an effort to maintain a sense of congruence with previous MCU entries.

Gunn’s collaborations with Cena, which apparently soured his relationship with this Infinity War joke, started with 2021 The Suicide Squad. This movie, a 2016 sequel (and soft reboot) slammed by critics suicide squad, starred Cena as Peacemaker, a DC character who often makes the distinction between hero and villain. Like his comic book counterpart, Cena’s Peacemaker alternated between conventional good and evil, appearing as something of an antagonist in The Suicide Squad but acting as the protagonist of its own spin-off series, Peacemakeralso written by Gunn.

Irritating jokes weren’t enough to drive Gunn away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The writer-director will return to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3but before that, he will lead the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special for Disney+. Gunn said he’s unsure if he’ll stay with Marvel or DC after those projects.

Both guardians of the galaxy movies and Avengers: Infinity War are available on Disney+. The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker are streaming on HBO Max.

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. director of Guardians Galaxy James Gunn enough of jokes on Invisible Drax

. Guardians Galaxy director James Gunn Invisible Drax jokes

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