James Cameron wants Avatar re-release to be theatrical

James Cameron wants Avatar re-release to be theatrical
James Cameron wants Avatar re-release to be theatrical
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Next weekend, James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fantasy epic Avatar will be back to theaters. As easy as it was in the years that followed to poke fun at the lack of memorable characters or even much of the plot contained in the film, there’s no denying the impact it had on the film. ‘era. With The way of the water set to finally debut in three months—at least we think then– this is the perfect time for audiences to be reintroduced to the world of Pandora, if they even got to see the movie back then.

Talk to New York Timesthe director admitted to being “pleasantly surprised” at how the film held up after seeing the remastered version recently. But he’s more interested in seeing how the film lands for those who weren’t alive in 2009, or for those who only saw it via streaming and cable. “Even though they think they’ve seen the movie, they really haven’t. seen it,” Cameron said of younger public. He used his own children as an example, saying they understood the film better now that they had the opportunity to see it on the big screen.

Discussions about what makes a movie worth seeing in theaters – i.e. a “cinema ass movie” – have become more pronounced in the age of streaming, not to mention the pandemic. Cameron is confident that the re-release of his movie will be one of those movies, especially as there continues to be an increase in movies in theaters (for those who feel safe/able to do so , sure). For him, there’s been a “shortage of great titles” to not really justify going to the cinema lately – which isn’t true, because The female king and Barbaric are both in theaters right now — he’s pretty confident his movie will get some butts in the seats during this supposed movie dead zone. “People want it… It’s the kind of movie you have to see at the cinema.”

Avatar will be back in theaters on September 23, and The way of the water hits theaters on December 16.

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. James Cameron wants reissue of Avatar be theatrical

. James Cameron Avatar rerelease theatrical

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