Traffic citations are now civil offenses in Nevada

Traffic citations are now civil offenses in Nevada
Traffic citations are now civil offenses in Nevada

Starting Sunday, legislation converting criminal offenses for things like traffic violations to civil offenses takes effect in Nevada.

The law was enacted by AB116 to decriminalize traffic offenses and prohibit traffic officers from stopping offenders unless another crime is involved.

But that doesn’t mean offenders can get away with it. They will still have to pay the pecuniary fine provided for by the law in force as imposed by the summons.

There are exceptions, mostly traffic violations that contain other specific penalties such as a DUI.

Basically, the same fines that are in current criminal laws remain in place, but traffic violations would no longer be criminal, but civil.

The new law also removes traffic citations and fines from a person’s criminal record and voids pending arrest warrants for traffic citations issued before January 1, 2023.

If a person does not pay the amount imposed in the civil subpoena within 90 days or responds by disputing the subpoena, the law allows the city, county, or other attorney to ask a court to order payment. If the person does not respond to the summons, then the court can find the defendant guilty and impose a fine.

Persons arrested for a civil offense may be detained and searched if the officer has reason to suspect that they are guilty of criminal activity.

The new law does not change the requirement that the person must also pay the administrative dues accompanying the citation. These assessments are usually much more than the monetary penalty for a traffic violation.

The law also sets a maximum penalty of $500 for a civil violation.

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