NJ man sells everything to walk across America

NJ man sells everything to walk across America
NJ man sells everything to walk across America

What were you doing at 24? Few of us made as big of a difference as Tommy Pasquale, that’s for sure. He decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world and he’s making Jersey really proud in the process.

During COVID, Tommy thought he should do something to help others with his time when he was young, strong and healthy. He had a vision to walk from Manasquan to Venice Beach, California to benefit the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Tommy has already started his journey on September 19th and we expect him to check in with us on his trek next week! The motivation for doing this was the reality that over 38,000 veterans who bravely served our country are homeless.

Tommy says the number of homeless our veterans are suffering from is unacceptable,

I think it’s not too much to ask that veterans have a good place to live and rest at the end of the day.

He should be in California by April 2023. How many of us have the courage to quit our jobs, sell our belongings, and walk across the country for the sake of others? I salute this activism and clearly, Tommy’s mom did a great job on this one! You can follow Tommy’s journey and offer your support on social media with ‘Tommy Walks America’.

@tommy_walks_america Look at that tongue… that’s how you know he’s locked up

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