Arizonans travel for Thanksgiving despite inflation

Arizonans travel for Thanksgiving despite inflation
Arizonans travel for Thanksgiving despite inflation

PHOENIX — Taking the high road and the skies for the holidays, millions of Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving.

AAA looked at how many people were going to travel 50 miles or more across the country, these figures are approaching pre-pandemic levels despite the cost of gas and plane tickets.

“Ticket prices have definitely been crazy,” Max Heintzelman said. He and his girlfriend are traveling from Sky Harbor to San Antonio, Texas.

“I think our flights were $500 or $600, which works out to $200 or $300 in a normal year,” Heintzelman said.

Despite the roller coaster ticket prices this year, Heintzelman and others told ABC15 it was worth the trip home.

“Holidays are holidays,” Heintzelman said. “You have to go back to your family.”

AAA estimates that approximately four point five million people will fly like Heintzelman.

Nearly 49 million people will drive to their Thanksgiving destination.

“I’ll go to the other place because it’s $3.89,” Carlos Morley said.

He put half a gallon in a station, just to make sure he got to the place with the cheapest price.

Morley and his son plan to ride in Flagstaff this weekend.

“They’re actually going down a bit, cheaper than they were about a month ago,” Morely said.

The average cost of gas in Arizona is $4.14. This price is still the 8th highest in the country.

According to AAA, that’s about 40 cents more than a year ago.

“It just doesn’t hit everyone the same,” ASU economics professor Dennis Hoffman said of inflation. “People are devastated by it, others are weathering the storm quite well.”

Hoffman said some of those who saved during the pandemic are now spending, but he thinks we are seeing signs of slowing inflation.

As for what will happen with the economy in 2023, that remains up for debate.

“We’re going to have to see how that plays out,” Hoffman said. “It’s really 50/50, soft landing or medium to hard landing.”

. Arizonans travel for Thanksgiving despite inflation

. Arizonans travel Thanksgiving inflation

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