Cowboys discuss Kansas readiness with media

Cowboys discuss Kansas readiness with media
Cowboys discuss Kansas readiness with media

STILL WATER – Members of the Oklahoma State football team met with members of the media after practice Tuesday to discuss Saturday’s loss to Kansas State and their preparations for Kansas. Here is part of what they had to say:

defensive end Brock Martin

Tuesday training:
“We came out ready to train today, definitely a lot better than how we came out last Tuesday. We will build on that as we prepare for Saturday.”

On Kansas:
“It’s a good ball club. This coach really put them in the right direction. They’re trying to get bowling eligible and they’re going to have to beat us or somebody down the road, I’d rather that not be us.”

On what he saw of the Kansas attack:
“They have wide receivers that can go for it. The running back is a good player and the offensive line is a solid unit. The line works together, moves together and does a lot of positional blocking. It’s going to be a challenge.”

Come back Jaden Nixon

On the occasion of his first career start:
“It was good. To be able to come out and show what I can do with the coaches and everyone else trusting me enough to be put in that position. It’s an important role to be a running back on the pitch because you’re expected to get the job done. To have that opportunity to go out there and play with confidence was great.”

On the Kansas defense:
“They are going to be physical. They’re still going to fight, especially going home, it’s going to be a crazy vibe. Like I said, we’re refocusing and getting ready to play this week. It’s going to be a fight so it’s exciting and I’m ready.”

About the need to launch the current game:
“Certainly. This year, you can say that has been one of our weakest points. Not having that running game, especially as a running back, was tough because that’s our job. I have confidence in our offensive line that we’re going to push it forward and we back with the vision to see where to go. Coach Dunn, Wozniak and Gundy are all making sure we’re going to get things done.

Cornerback Korie Black

Moving towards Kansas:
“It has been good for us, mentally. Just to focus and get ready for Saturday. We just have to work hard and we will be good.”

On Cam Smith jump into an expanded role:
“It’s huge, and everyone is really proud of him. He just came and stepped up when we really needed him. He’s just arrived and he’s been really good, really helpful to us. He does everything well.”

On the benefits of a week of physical practice:
“I think it’s good for the whole team to be able to compete against each other, maybe not so much against the scout team, but against everyone. We do certain situations against the attack, so I think that helps us (both mentally and physically).”

Offensive tackle Caleb Etienne

Bouncing back to have a good week of practice:
“We just have to raise our level this week. Go out and train harder, put in the work, and just don’t feel satisfied with where we are, and keep improving every day. The only thing is beating (Kansas) this week. This is our main objective, our main objective.”

On the Kansas prep:
“Kansas has a good defense and a pretty good team. We think we are going to be able to move the ball up the pitch as long as we fix the little mistakes we made last week. It will be a good game for sure.”

Working to improve the running game:
“We try to get things done as much as possible. We just have to keep going and cleaning up the little things, and hopefully that works out in our favor this week.”

. Cowboys discuss Kansas readiness media

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