New York Mayor Adams says migrants could be housed on cruise ships

Shelters in New York are so overwhelmed by the migrant crisis that Mayor Eric Adams is considering using cruise ships as temporary housing.

“We looked at everything from the legality of using any type of cruise ship to temporary accommodation,” Hizzoner during an interview on WCBS on Sunday.

“We’re looking at everything to see, how can we handle this?”

Adams made the suggestion just hours before The Post reported that a record number of 9 buses carrying migrants traveled to the city.

Each bus usually carries between 40 and 50 migrants.

Adams believes the cruise ships will help ease the toll of New York’s overwhelming homeless and migrant problem as shelters struggle.
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The influx paralyzes New York’s accommodation system. Full-time facilities are being pushed to the brink and affecting the neighborhood’s quality of life, and the city has opened 23 emergency shelters, but there are still not enough beds.

Cruise ships could help alleviate stress, according to Adams, and were once an alternative considered by the Bloomberg administration during its own wave of migration.

A Norweigan Breakaway is spotted leaving NYC under the Varrazzano.
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Adams did not divulge further details about the potential floating shelters, but criticized the federal policy prohibiting migrants from working in the United States before obtaining a work permit.

“We say, ‘You could come here, but you’re not allowed to work.’ It’s amazing,” Adams said, noting shortages in various sectors, including food, health care and public transportation.

Another recommendation for the issue of migrants is to ship them to cities in upstate New York.
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“We have to look and see what shortages we face, how can we enable people to take care of themselves? Otherwise, we, the government, have to deal with it. It just doesn’t make sense.

On Friday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand suggested relocating newly arrived migrants to upstate towns that are experiencing unemployment issues, a move that could also net municipalities significant federal funding.

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