Majority supports legal marijuana in Minnesota

Majority supports legal marijuana in Minnesota
Majority supports legal marijuana in Minnesota

A majority of Minnesota voters polled in an MPR News/Star Tribune/KARE 11 survey conducted last week say the state should legalize recreational marijuana.

About 53% of 800 registered voters contacted by Mason Dixon Polling between Sept. 12 and 14 said they supported legal marijuana, while 36% said they opposed it and about 11% remained unsure. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.

Support for cannabis legalization cuts across age groups, voter location, education level, race and gender, with majorities backing the plan in those categories.

The proposal faces greater opposition among Republicans, with just under 65% of those who identified as Republicans opposing the proposal to make cannabis available for recreational use, compared to 29% of GOP voters who support her.

Monica Nelson of Prior Lake answered questions from pollsters. She worries that legalizing recreational marijuana will have unintended consequences.

“I definitely wouldn’t vote for marijuana,” Nelson said. “I think it’s a gateway drug.”

Majorities of Democrats and independent voters polled support the idea.

Earlier this year, Minnesota lawmakers approved a rewrite of state marijuana laws that allowed the legal purchase and consumption of small amounts of cannabis products made into food or drink.

The under-the-radar effort to push the plan was a hit and miss, but it drew a strong public reaction when the products hit shelves in July. Local jurisdictions have since established temporary bans on sales of gummies or other edibles within their borders.

Capitol Democrats pushed for a broader marijuana legal framework in the state, but were unable to convince Republicans, who hold a majority in the Minnesota Senate.

Another issue that has been repeatedly debated on Capitol Hill – the legalization of sports betting – also garnered support from those polled.

Just under 48% of Minnesotans polled said they support legalizing sports gambling, while 33% said they oppose it and about 19% were unsure.

Nikhil Joglekar was among nearly 48% of survey respondents who said sports betting should be allowed in Minnesota.

“I know there’s a lot of stuff about it being a bit like a regressive tax, but I’m more for legalizing different activities than I’m the other way around,” Joglekar said. .

A 2018 Supreme Court ruling paved the way for states to legalize betting on sporting events. More than 30 states have legalized it online, and more are preparing to do so.

A bipartisan effort to legalize sports betting in Minnesota failed this year after lawmakers failed to agree on which groups should be allowed to operate online gambling.

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. poll majority supports marijuana legal in Minnesota

. Majority supports legal marijuana Minnesota

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