Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe Destroys ‘Sleazeball’ Brett Favre

Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe Destroys ‘Sleazeball’ Brett Favre
Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe Destroys ‘Sleazeball’ Brett Favre

Brett Favre was one of the NFL’s best and most famous quarterbacks for the better part of 20 seasons, from 1991 to 2010. Favre’s winning ways, his “gunslinger” mentality and his simple persona country boy bands made the Mississippi native one of the most popular flaggers of his generation.

However, Favre’s life and career in the NFL has not been without controversy. The QB admitted to battling an addiction to painkillers early in his career. In 2011, two New York Jets massage therapists sued Favre for sexual harassment. And now the retired footballer is accused of being involved in a scheme to embezzle social funds in his home country.

Despite all of this, Favre is still a professional football Hall of Famer celebrated by many, which doesn’t sit well with fellow Cantonese inductee Shannon Sharpe. And since Sharpe has a daily sports talk show on Fox Sports, he took the opportunity to go on the “sleazeball” Favre.

Shannon Sharpe left to Packers Hall of Fame QB on ‘Undisputed’

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On Wednesday, Shannon Sharpe used her platform on Skip and Shannon: undisputed to take Brett Favre on a peg.

Host Jenny Hale asked Sharpe about recent allegations against Favre, who has previously clashed with his home country. In the most recent scandal, reports indicate the former NFL QB played a role in misappropriating Mississippi State social funds to, among other things, fund a new volleyball facility at his alma. mater, southern Mississippi. Hale asked Sharpe if it would “tarnish Brett Favre’s legacy?”

Sharpe replied with passion:

I don’t think anything can tarnish it. Because if you go back and look at his history when he played in the NFL, it should have tarnished it already. I’ve talked to people who were in the room when Brett Favre was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and no one mentioned the text messages he sent to that masseuse Jet. Nobody talked about the addiction he suffered from. But still, [Terrell Owens], can you imagine if TO had an incident — incidents — like Brett Favre off the pitch? TO to this day would still not be in the Hall of Fame.

Shannon Sharpe on Brett Favre

Sharpe went on to say, “You have to be a sorry mofo to fly to the lowest of the bottom,” referring to the poor in Mississippi, “the poorest state in our country.”

The Hall of Fame tight end continued to rail at Favre for several minutes and summed up his feelings about Favre saying, “He’s been a sleazeball. He was shady for a very long time.

What is Brett Favre accused of?

Brett Favre | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In April 2022, a Mississippi Today investigation accused one of the state’s favorite sons, Brett Favre, of pressuring “Mississippi welfare officials to direct taxpayer funds to his pet projects — which he planned to profit from.”

The article, by Anna Wolf, accused Favre of using his “special access” to Gov. Phil Bryant to secure funds for welfare recipients and businesses and projects he was involved in.

In total, the article claims that Favre helped embezzle $5 million to fund a volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, $2.15 million of which went to a pharmaceutical company called Prevacus with which the ex-QB is implicated and $1.1 million he personally pocketed.

In a follow-up Mississippi Today story on Sept. 13, Wolf posted text messages between former Governor Bryant and Brett Favre.

The most damning text is when Favre asks one of his alleged accomplices: “If you had to pay me, could the media anyway know where it came from and how much?

Favre could face legal issues related to this situation, but while one person involved has pleaded guilty to 13 felony counts and another is awaiting trial, there are currently no charges against Favre. and Bryant.

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. Shannon Sharpe member hall of fame destroyed Sleazeball Brett Favre

. Hall Famer Shannon Sharpe Destroys Sleazeball Brett Favre

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